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My name is Vladimir Mihnovich. I collect Zippo lighters, gasoline, and many other brands.

I am the founder and host of LJ community about Zippo . My article about the Zippo in the Russian Wikipedia, which I joined in 2007, to December 4, 2008 is one of the good (notable) articles. I know about Zippo lighters almost everything. In addition to Zippo, I also studied the history and collecting petrol lighters many other manufacturers. I am a member of the club of collectors of old lighters On The Lighter Side , which has existed since 1983 and includes more than 1000 collectors in 20 countries around the world.

Site ZippoCollector.ru opened me in December 2008. It is the largest and most authoritative Russian-language portal dedicated to the history and collecting Zippo lighters and other petrol lighters.

Now the site has the following sections:

Notes about Zippo - everything about Zippo: describe different models Zippo, articles on collecting Zippo, reviews of books about Zippo, videos about Zippo, Zippo stories about advertising and much, much more. Individual slice marked "History of Zippo Zippo and with history" - this is an article on the history of Alexander the Zippo Vanguard and DC's website Arthur Pak. In this section also helps our materials English friend and collector Zippo Gary Gilmore. Category "Zippobrazitelnoe art" portray Zippo in photography, painting, and any other applications Zippo in visual (and not only!) arts.

My collection of Zippo - here I show and tell about Zippo from my personal collection of lighters.

Interview - various interviews of people from the world and just about Zippo Zippo.

Zippo collectors - here anyone can submit your collection of lighters and tell any story connected with them!

Zippo-encyclopedia - a guide to prices on vintage and rare lighters Zippo. In essence, it is an encyclopedia of what different Zippo are in the world and which are bought and sold by collectors. In this column I write about the most interesting pieces of Zippo, sold at auction Ebay: a brief description or history of lighters, for how much it was sold. I specifically monitor the most interesting auctions and so is the overall picture of what things cost of vintage Zippo. Prices are subject to serve the approximate valuation of a particular model, even despite the fact that the actual range of prices can be quite high. A new section "Last minute auction" you can see the end of the video screen of some interesting auction for Zippo on Ebay.

Section My collection of other lighters dedicated to the history of other brands of petrol lighters are produced throughout the 20th century. Because the world does not end on the lighter Zippo and there is still a lot of other brands of lighters, often little known or virtually unknown, but no less interesting story!

And, of course, the site is an open forum for all to discuss any issues about Zippo and Collectibles. This is the biggest forum about Zippo in Russian-speaking Internet.

99% of the materials on this site are unique and copyrighted. Nowhere else in Russian no such information. 1% can be transferred from Western sources, which I honestly predupredzhayu :) The site is updated daily! Every day, I write about the new lighter Zippo, every week - a couple of articles about the history of Zippo, of interesting models or about collecting. Subscribe to RSS! .

Yes, finally. If you are interested in something to do with lighters Zippo (how much Zippo? Where to buy Zippo? How to distinguish real from fake Zippo How to replace the fuse? Zippo why not burn? True I have a Zippo?) - You can ask me about it question on the forum or by email . I will answer.


  • Thanks to Denis Borulevu and Vladimir Romanenko for Zippo-considerable enthusiasm and search for interesting materials.
  • Thanks to Alexander Vanguard for interesting stories and expert knowledge, which he gladly shares with us on the site.
  • Thank you for the wonderful Arthur Pak articles and exclusive materials.
  • My Special thanks go to Robert Moon, Gary Gilmore and All My Friends at Zippo Enthusiast Network Invaluable for providing information, help and Support.
  • Thanks Anatoly Prokhorov and Daniel Pascal for technical support and advice to optimize the site.
  • Thank you to all the sponsors and all the Wordpress plugins I use that make this site what it is. Special thanks Nothing2Hide.net a system of global translation, thanks to which the site has become international.
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  • And the biggest thank you - to all readers of the site and forum members. Without you, nothing would have happened :)