Why I love vintage Zippo

Here's to you three lighters. 1974, 2004 and 2006.

First do not advertise. It's just a popular figure trakersky, who attended the Zippo with the mid-1970s and the 1990s. Second - Serial 2004, also did not advertise. Slightly glossy image (like thermal) applied to the model Street Chrome. Third - Red Matte model 2006, for fans of the famous American series about a truck driver the late 1970's - early 1980's «BJ and the Bear».

Choose what like? :)

When in my hand first, I feel all of its 35-year history. Maybe she really did belong to some truck drivers who drove across America a Peterbilt or Freightliner from coast to coast, and flicking away, casually wiping the sweat from his forehead. And then he retired, but always wore a lighter with him. Or gave his son. But how else :)

However, not a single story case. If you look closely at the engraving, you can see a lot of tiny details that are not visible at first glance. But they are there: here the smoke from the exhaust pipe, so the windshield wipers, and the background mountains and clouds. It seems to me that such a thing did not just love, but really for life. Even despite the fact that the paint has worn off in the engraving, the warm charm of the old pattern will not delos!

And this I can not say about the second and third. Perhaps all this looks elegant and colorful. But the glossy glamor, this contemporary character and gives the impression of an unreliable one-time thing. Hard to say what will happen to these lighters after six months of wearing the pockets - it is likely that they will become maloprezentabelny, pictures they wear out, leaving only the contours. No, of course they will continue to work! And even, perhaps, the figure would be more stable than it seems at first glance. But even in this case, apparently they never match the simplicity and warmth of the first. This - konsyumerskie things without soul.

It seems to me that the company Zippo quite difficult to maintain the image of the "eternal" things in our disposable time that really there lighters - all around, from silverware to furniture, can be really a one-time, mobile phones and consumer electronics, we are up to the first failure, and then simply throw it away and buy a new one. What there Lighter! And it's not the fault of the company Zippo. She is forced to make not only beautiful things, but things that look glamorous, cheap, will not have a history, and when the image is erased, the owner did not hesitate to throw a cigarette lighter in a drawer and forget about it. Trends of modern life dictate that the thing should look simple, bright and catchy - and then it will consume 90% of the audience. And delights - this is for the other 10% :)

Such is life. So I love the old vintage Zippo and do not like modern glamor.

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  1. Igor (12.06.2009 06:20) ( Reply )

    I choose the latter - the red. Even though I know they're all from the same metal, but it looks to me seems much more durable and long lasting ...
    And paint Zippo, this I know, keeps a very, very.

    9 years of continuous wear, falling, flying with Lößnitz etc.:

  2. Igor (12.06.2009 06:21) ( Reply )

    Aw, damn, does not insert HTML ... A BB-code? ..

  3. Igor (12-06-2009 6:22) ( Reply )

    Yeah, do not give ... Well, just a link:

  4. Captain Murphy (13.06.2009 13:15) ( Reply )

    I totally agree with the author, his tiochka view almost identical to moey.Mne LIKE Zippo until 2001, after more that.

  5. botas (14.06.2009 02:06) ( Reply )

    Captain Murphy, after 2001 by Zippy also interesting: only up to year 2003 at the bottom of the lighter symbol "®" label below vyshtampovyvalsya ZIPPO. Since 2004 and to this day it stands out above the inscription ZIPPO, and other characters. So lighters in 2003 - in his own unique, too.

  6. Captain Murphy (14.06.2009 12:26) ( Reply )

    I can only say that everyone has vkus.Ya love vintage, and Zippo 90th ,2000-s and 2001-s.

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