Alexei Loktev: Jack Daniels Zippo opens a new heading "Collectors Zippo». There are those who collect Zippo, will tell our readers about yourself and your collections of lighters. I will try here to invite many of his fellow collectors from the United States, Britain and Europe - they definitely have something to share with us :) And we will pioneer Alexei Loktev, who will present his collection of Zippo Jack Daniels :)

I welcome all fans of Zippo, collectors and interested. My name is Alex Loktev, I'm a student, a little hudozhnichayu, design, admin, and, concurrently, a bit of a collector. Since filing Vladimir Mihnovich's decided to write a little bit about my small but growing collection of lighters Zippo.

Passion for Zippo, I must have from school, I remember, in the sixth grade to seventh my friends and I bought Chinese counterfeit Zippo in a stall, "Tobacco", and refueled their cheap petrol from plastic transparent bottles that bought there. Lighters awful stink gasoline flowed and were disgusting quality, so long they are not enough. My, gold color, also broke down and rests safely in the dump of history.

Much later, when I started smoking, thinking about buying this Zippo, such that, for centuries. Then I went to the store and saw a rotating display case Zippo, and chose the lighter liking (wanted something strict and classical), it was a model 20 171 Diamonds in Shadow, Chrome (High Polish Chrome). That's when I, as they say, "fuse". She served me a couple of good years, and then was lost, which I am very sorry. Then I bought it instead of a simple model - 230.25 Brushed Chrome, which is still alive, despite the fact that recently, I do not smoke.

However, what I do not smoke, does not bother me to collect lighters. Theme of my collection at the moment - it is an American whiskey Jack Daniel's. Why Jack? Probably because it happened historically that this whiskey I relate interesting memories, and the Zippo lighters also sometimes found to be extremely interesting logo variations Jack.

For example, here is the anniversary lighter from my collection, released on the 150th anniversary of Mr. Jack, one of the most beautiful specimens. We actually this extraordinary man named Jasper Newton Daniels and Jack - a nickname. He left many legends like about yourself, and about his temples. A fire destroyed the courthouse exact dates in the life of Mr. Jack, so no one knows the exact date of his birth. Therefore traditionally birthday Mr. Jack celebrated throughout September.

Many lighters you can see the inscription "no.7". What does this mean? The fact that this sort of Jack Daniel's, it is clear, but where did the number seven? On this score, too, there are several legends. One of them says that it was just a room for the railway carriage set on the barrel. Another legend is this: when Mr. Jack has developed a recipe for a whiskey, he stopped at the seventh attempt, and decided to stop there. But how things actually - no one knows. Mr. Jack took that secret to the grave.

Alexei Loktev

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  1. Gregory (30.11.2009 21:53) ( Reply )

    Hello Aleksey.mne not too many years but only from an early age I was attracted to the lighter-namely Zippo, I do not know what's true), I live in a small town, it is very difficult to find quality however, I recently found a lighter in what that old box in the garage of his father, according to the stamp prozvedena it in 2006 yanvare.Ya certainly not a collector, but Zipp interested, though, and I do not smoke

  2. Cypher (07.04.2010 07:58) ( Reply )

    zippo 20675 no = (

  3. Cypher (07.04.2010 20:36) ( Reply )

    so although it's not only not enough for the complete collection is, well, this is how the author will be pleased)

  4. AlexAndeR (27.06.2011 05:55) ( Reply )

    interesting site in the subject)) # Anchor-Th-31212

  5. Black fox (08.07.2011 13:36) ( Reply )

    Hello, please tell me a site where you can buy lighters with original design JD.Takim as shown on your site in the first 2-series.
    Zarenee grateful.

    1. Alter777 (14.07.2011 10:45) ( Reply )

      JD can be found at

  6. EGOR (22.08.2011 17:15) ( Reply )

    Lighter issued to the 150th anniversary of Mr. Jack
    Where to buy?

  7. Riga (13.10.2011 01:56) ( Reply )

    I liked the 3 from the top), I found it in the internet, how do you know what it's real and not from a collection of Chinese stanka.Esli not complicate unsubscribe me an email, I will be very grateful.

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