Zippo 1938, reworked for lighting tubes, $ 200.50

Zippo 1938 severely altered owner for lighting pipes. Its owner was a man of straightforward and uncompromising! However, because of this barbaric rework cost kollektsionnnaya lighters fell not that very much. All the same thing with an interesting story, though, and "victims" :)
Sale price: $ 200.50

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  1. Captain Murphy (09.07.2009 15:05) ( Reply )

    The tube does not get a light from rekuomenduetsya Zippo, spoils the taste of tobacco.

    1. kypexin (09.07.2009 21:14) ( Reply )

      Well, sort of, yes. On the other hand, is now available as a special model of a pipe Zippo. Hence, not all follow the rules and still get a light tube from Zippo. And the owner of the lighter is also not an exception :)

  2. Golden-Joker (20.07.2009 19:38) ( Reply )

    Was the owner of a serious, very serious! :)))

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