Zippo lossproof 1966 with a forklift, $ 57.56

Very interesting thing. In general, lighter-neteryayki lossproof were designed for people with an active lifestyle, athletes, fishermen, hunters, etc. Therefore, all the pictures on them were likely to correspond to the subject, see the rest . This, apparently, is a very rare instance that was made based on the work - at least, I have never seen on models lossproof nothing but sporting and hunting scenes, and then on to you, forklift :) However, this is just a guess, but nonetheless very entertaining lighter. I would assume that the price it should be much higher!
Sale price: $ 57.56

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  1. moonCat (31.07.2009 16:33) ( Reply )

    I sure like this one!

  2. Daryl M Malloy (19.08.2009 22:22) ( Reply )

    I would like to buy this lighter, Send me total with shipping and I can pay with Pay-Pal.

    1. kypexin (19.8.2009 thirty past ten p.m.) ( Reply )

      Hey Mike,
      This lighter (as all of them in my Zippo Encyclopedia) has been already bought on Ebay - I take them from completed listings.

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