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ZippoCollector.ru and I personally invite everyone to join the international club of collectors online Zippo: Zippo Enthusiast Network . The club was founded in the U.S. in 2008 and now it has more than 200 serious collectors from all over the world: USA, England, Europe, Asia and Australia.

To join the club you want nothing at all to love or collect Zippo, and read and communicate in English. In this club you will find Zippo-friends from around the world will be able to participate in competitions, chat on the forum to show their collections and obtain interesting information about Zippo. Participation in the club for free, only need to register.

Comrades We stand for the world association Zippo-collectors! Long live Patent 2032695! The case of George Blaisdell is alive and well! Glory Zippo Manufacturing Co.!

All those wishing to press here and join the club of Zippo Enthusiast Network (when the news would go down, the image will remain with the reference on the left panels):

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