Zippo 1935 with a drunk, $ 4,051.01

Inhale and exhale! The record price, the second value for the lifetime of Zippo Zippo-our encyclopedia after magnificent lighters in 1933 , sold nearly 12,000 dollars. This is wonderful preserved, with all original parts, Zippo 1935 depicting drunk at a lamppost in a consignment of metal emblem. Everything is in place, only the enamel has worn off in the logo. Absolutely stunning historical copy! This logo was almost the very first, is attached to Zippo, and came up with it himself, George Blaisdell. Sold on Ebay June 21, 2009, at an initial price, as usual, $ 9.99, 28 rates, and here it is, a record, and a rare, beautiful lighter made happy new owner!
Sale price: $ 4,051.01

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