Robert Moon: old advertising Zippo, part 1

Today our guest is my Californian friend Robert Moon. His collection is so large and diverse that it simply will not fit into a single article, so I will show it in parts :)

My name is Robert Moon, I collect Zippo lighters and tapes since the early 1970s. I am 54 years old, I live in Sacramento, the state capital of California. My fascination with Zippo began when my godfather Bob learned that I smoke, and gave me a few lighters Zippo. Two of them I left myself and the others gave to his brothers. These two lighters are still with me, one of them - Zippo 1967 with symbols hockey team California Seals, and the other - with advertising paint RUST OLEUM. Both lighters still work fine! By the way, for 35 years I carry Zippo pocket daily.

My first collection was replenished slowly, casually acquired Zippo: it gave some of the relatives and friends, it was lighter campaigns Marlboro, then something else. The first lighter with the symbols of the Navy United States gave me my younger brother, it was a Zippo with the American ship USS South Carolina. Now I have a lot of copies, dedicated to the Navy, including Zippo with symbols of naval aviation, submarine, helicopter parts, and many of the military units of other countries, such as Japan, France, Britain and others. I also have a lighter with the symbols of other military units - Amphibious Force, Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard and others. My oldest Zippo - black crackle, 1943, worn but still in perfect working order after 65 years from the date of issue.

Used on most of my collection, but I was bought on Ebay since the beginning of the 2000s, where you can find almost any rarity as from U.S. sellers, and around the world. My favorite theme collectibles - advertising Zippo lighters with symbolic products and companies. These lighters have been widely produced since World War II and were given as a corporate or promotional gifts. I collect Zippo, advertise or depict heavy equipment, trucks, tractors, cranes, marine and river vessels, rail or marine company. In my collection of about 1,000 lighters Zippo.

Trucks, cars and road machinery

Cranes, excavators, bulldozers, pipe-laying

To be continued ...

Robert Moon

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  1. moonCat (28.06.2009 21:08) ( Reply )

    Thank you my friend, it is very kind of you to allow me to share my collection with fellow collectors in Russia.

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