Visual masterpieces Zippo

For that I still love the old advertising Zippo - so sometimes you kind of masterpiece izobazheny and engravings on them. Moreover, starting from the most basic, and to entire miniature paintings.

That can be represented by 10 square centimeters little lighter? Here are some miniature masterpieces Zippo-1950-1970-s from the collection of Robert Moon . Flying plane over the field in which the pipe is laid, and the donkey with a cart of coal in the mine - in my opinion, this is great!

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  1. botas (08.07.2009 03:11) ( Reply )

    Beauty, no words ... It seems that over each thumbnail to work a team. At least, they had to come up with a figure that would differ from the other, like on the topic.
    And the shadow, the penumbra had artists such as graphical display to fill the image with life. It worked.

    At the extreme top left (RH FULTON, CONTRACTOR, Pipe liners), visible plane. Due to the excellent detail identified: this Beechcraft Model 18.

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