The most expensive Zippo, Part Two: 1951 gold Zippo patterned horse's head in the technique of Town and Country, $ 11,999.99

On June 27, Ebay was set a new record price for Zippo, surpassing even the famous Zippo 1933 . Zippo 1951 Gold 585 was sold, inhale and exhale, for $ 11,999.99! Moreover, it was not the auction price and the buyout price assigned to the seller immediately, and yet the lot was purchased just a few hours after it was placed on sale.
Lighter itself deserve a seat at the Museum (I'm sure that the buyer would give it the place of honor in my collection), and a separate story. For lighter attached cover letter from the president of Zippo Manufacturing Company, George Duke, in which he confirms the authenticity of the lighters and its uniqueness. This is the only instance ever released Zippo gold patterned horses in technology Town and Country (outline of the image above is engraved on the body, and then painted by hand airbrush and brush). This lighter was made by spetsalno order a gift for someone of your friends Zippo founder George Blaisdell. Even though it was not possible to determine exactly who was the owner of lighters, it was a unique piece order, authorized by George Blaisdell in person.
In addition, the lighter - a great example of how important it is for the old stuff (and not just Zippo) have a history, and how important it is to correctly present the story. It would cost the same amount, if not the letter of the president? After all, it not only confirms the uniqueness of the lighter itself, but also gives an idea about the first owner lighters and its relation to George Blaisdell. Maybe George is not only personally oversaw the production of the exclusive order, but also personally packed a lighter and handed to the customer? :) That's what we do not know, but can slightly dofantazirovat already unique story.

Well, now we have seen little of the historical events in the world Zippo: even if the most rare model Zippo 1933 issue still pops up on some auction a few years, then this Zippo, as this is really only appears only once.
Sale price: $ 11,999.99

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