Table Zippo 1970 with Mickey Mouse, $ 1,083.00

Luxurious shiny beauty, a really quintessential Disney theme in lighters Zippo. I believe, even in the year of its release a lighter cost a lot, is not sold on every corner, and was, frankly, a little exclusive, to say nothing of our day. Price is impressive, and it's not the end. Long live Mickey Mouse!

Disney Zippo - this is one of the few who fall under the laws of nicotine-1980s: the company Disney, is strongly associated with cartoons, children's activities, etc., around 1980 ended abruptly advertised on things, one way or another related to tobacco ( Like many other American companies, by the way). Hence the rare instances of Disney, and the high demand for them.
Sale price: $ 1,083.00

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  1. Captain Murphy (04.10.2009 11:46) ( Reply )

    I had never seen a board with Mickey Zippo Mausom.Vsya charm of this instance is simply amazing, especially the color and a complete set!

  2. long_boy (04.10.2009 13:22) ( Reply )

    Yes! And the price hits eschebolshe).

  3. Captain Murphy (04.10.2009 16:22) ( Reply )

    Heh, 32,000 in rubles.

  4. Maksimilyanich (10.19.2009 4:01 p.m.) ( Reply )

    Beautiful course a pity such a great price!

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