Zippo in 1975, released on the 200th anniversary U.S. $ 53.50

This Zippo was released on the eve of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the founding of the United States in 1976. Price is quite low for some reason, even though she is a very famous Zippo, appears in different Zippo-books, and in itself is very beautiful.
PS lyric. Looking at the photo, and to exclaim: "Comrades sellers on Ebay, learn to have their photograph Zippo!». Because in life Zippo rectangular and not trapezoidal! :)
Sale price: $ 53.50

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Tags: 1975 , Bicentennial


  1. VolFF (21.08.2009 15:49) ( Reply )

    I read your site, do not quite understand how these lighters can be bought?

    1. kypexin (21.08.2009 fifty-three past three p.m.) ( Reply )

      In Zippo-I write the encyclopedia of the lighters that are already sold at auction Ebay, ie This will complete the sale.

      If you have a particular interest in old / rare Zippo to purchase, I can help you find - write

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