Forever Guarantee: Zippo advertising agency from Blattner Brunner

This series of posters was released agency Blattner Brunner in 2008, and they play on topic Lifetime Warranty Zippo. Even got into these scrapes, your lighter will be renovated and will last a lifetime!

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  1. long_boy (15/7/2009 21:39) ( Reply )

    Thank you! Excellent plakatiki! Keep in ZIPPO ® collection!

  2. long_boy (15/7/2009 forty past nine p.m.) ( Reply )

    Thank you! Excellent plakatiki! Save to your PHOTO ZIPPO ® collection!

  3. botas (15.07.2009 22:20) ( Reply )

    The idea is great! Time, alas, is fleeting. And it seemed to have stopped here ... From this series only 3 posters?

    1. kypexin (15.7.2009 twenty-five past ten p.m.) ( Reply )

      Yeah, only three.

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