Lost Zippo: posters from the agency Leo Burnett

This series of posters about moving lost Zippo was made for the German market. Campaign slogan: «Zippo - this is part of you."

"At the other end of the shopping center in a designer coat girl crawls almost on all fours, looking into each drain grate"

"The block away, on Rue Balzac trying to talk on the phone with a cleaner jazz club, but that, unfortunately, understands only in Russian"

"At two miles away, a young man runs into prachechenuyu, requests handed back his pants and nervously searched the pockets of all in them"

"In a few minutes the man in the car skidded to a halt in the middle of the road, and then go with the alarm three miles in reverse"

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  1. Els (17-07-2009 23:54) ( Reply )

    Oh so familiar: (
    Recently lost her: (

  2. AntiDED (24.01.2010 01:50) ( Reply )

    Yes ... this Christmas has also lost his. With three friends dug the whole area, and not naschli: ((((

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