Why is not the same month in the case inserts and Zippo?

Because he does not have to match! :)

This is probably one of the most frequent questions. which is set about Zippo. The explanation is simple. Mismatch of the month on the case and insert modern Zippo - this is not a marriage and not a drawback. The fact that the Zippo case and inserts are made on different production lines of the plant completely independently of each other. Moreover, the inserts do little more than shells, with a margin for possible repairs. Housing and insert are connected to each other only at the final stage of production, and it may therefore be a slight discrepancy between their dating. If you come across this in their new lighter - do not worry, it's perfectly normal :)

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  1. Els (14.07.2009 19:52) ( Reply )

    Oh how I enrage people that when they see a discrepancy of dates, just start shouting "fake! fake! "
    I hope these will be less now :)

    1. long_boy (14.7.2009 twenty-nine past nine p.m.) ( Reply )

      Well today I got 1935yu and there is such a thing) is not a coincidence! Well, I did not yell at the site where it was bought but still decided to ask profesionala what was going on and just have Kypexin, who explained to me (spasibische him very much) everything that is written above in the topic "Why is not the same month on the inserts and housing Zippo? "

  2. botas (15.07.2009 02:11) ( Reply )

    happens more abruptly:
    1) on the stand is empty housing, without the mother inserts. Where to insert gone, and why do it at all is taken out of the body - a mystery ...
    2) on the stand is a common, standard "Zippo High Polished", white, patterned on board that much. Picked up, opened the lid - and there is an insert - yellow. Why it was necessary, to get the seller to change the inserts - again a mystery.

    1. kypexin (15.7.2009 11:59) ( Reply )

      Well, this is a series of confusing things :) sellers is sometimes so do not care that they are doing what they want :) I was talking specifically about the "honest" lighter in the "fresh from the factory" :)

  3. Els (15.07.2009 09:02) ( Reply )

    By the way I remembered.
    Recently given my Zippo for repair (cover polamalas (slipped)). But when I returned the lighter - somehow insert a new (different date of manufacture), though it was all right.
    Why it changed I have no idea :)

    1. kypexin (15.7.2009 12:01) ( Reply )

      This rule service centers Zippo. Any communication to repair lighter regardless of the nature of repair they always supply the new insert.

      1. Els (18.07.2009 00:00) ( Reply )

        About how he did not know, thank you :)
        Also charged free then :)

  4. botas (15.07.2009 17:23) ( Reply )

    And if you take a lighter to a defect in the repair of the body only without inserts - will? What if I insert my month and year of birth, and a good deal for me :) tsennen

    1. kypexin (15.7.2009 17:24) ( Reply )

      Will :)

  5. Vladimir (16.12.2009 17:56) ( Reply )

    And where do in Moscow can Zippo otremontirovatt Stands broken pieces of the couple

    1. kypexin (16.12.2009 5:57 p.m.) ( Reply )

      Here: http://www.korolus.ru/

  6. Vadim (22.11.2010 11:55) ( Reply )

    Good all day!
    Carefully studied his lighter (uspaeshno and smoothly favor in 1998). By all parametrvm - "honest." But ran into an interesting observation - insert marked as the Canadian (Niagara falls, Ontario, B XIV), and stamped on the bottom of the housing - USA (A XII). Lighter in repair did not give up, insert I did not change. Never found the answer, if this is normal situation for the time when you were working both plants ZiPPO? Thanks in advance.

    1. kypexin (22.11.2010 12:06) ( Reply )

      The situation is not really normal and quite rare - unless you bought it new and insert just did not change.

      1. Vadim (22.11.2010 13:17) ( Reply )

        Thank you for your prompt reply 8)

        That's the thing ... Sam replaced from raskhodki (silicon - at a clear 8)) - so it's just the fuse. But this is - after 10 years of operation, after an unsuccessful attempt to correct a little and pull the "native" wick ...

        Lighter was purchased as new in 1998 (Omsk)
        Model Midnight Chrome High Polish - 250 model, I think ...
        Yes, and it was evident that the lighter is zero.
        On kitayschinu no sin - too clever and troublesome for a fake (though, of course, can not be underestimated hitroumstvo rigged the second half of the 90s). Do not rule out, of course, some manipulation with the lighter "on the road" to the counter.

        But in fact, and in another case the meaning of venture (if it was) a mystery 8)))

        Other lighters ZiPPO I had not.

        Once out of your (no doubt - rich) experience is not immediately explain, then there's only one thing:
        determine the authenticity of the case and inserts, and, if available - to think all this rationale (for example, to guarantee that in my otstutsvie intsert not change I can not).

        Thanks in advance.

        1. Vyacheslav (25.11.2010 09:21) ( Reply )

          Similar situation in my insert Niagara falls, Ontario, G 01. And the housing Niagara falls, Ontario, K 01. Lighters have more than 7 years, raises no objections, does not need repairs!

  7. Hleb (01.08.2011 17:46) ( Reply )

    Good evening.
    About four years ago, bought her first ZIPPO, so to speak podorok himself did))
    Gave somewhere in the region of two thousand for it!
    Not one misfire during this time, nor any damage worked wonderfully, but for a time it vstechatsya with asphalt tysachi time as a consequence of all the angles have been smashed and split off the enamel (((
    And in November, decided to buy a new ZIPPO, gave 3300 rubles (it just Sell Now in store for 3500 have discounted)
    They're both on all checks the authenticity of, and both work like clock ...

    BUT: I am neither a lighter eluded warranty card, the one that is life ... before I did not attach any importance to this, but now it is very interesting!

    Tell me, I cheated both times?

    PS A lot of friends and also lighter ZIPPO, and just not $ 100, but neither has such a warranty card ...

    1. dreamwork (03.08.2011 19:46) ( Reply )

      The warranty card is not needed, they do not exist in nature. With a cigarette lighter in the kit ideal passport, which refers to the free repair lighters in case. For repair (free) only need a lighter, if it is genuine.

      1. Hleb (04/08/2011 09:09) ( Reply )

        Thanks for the explanation!
        And then, I really started to worry)))

      2. kypexin (04.08.2011 09:54) ( Reply )

        You're not quite right. Passport (in fact, the paper packaging lighter) just has a real warranty card. Another question is that, whether for repair it, of course, is not necessary - it only "image" function.

        1. dreamwork (04.08.2011 14:28) ( Reply )

          Sori ...

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