Zippo 1950 with advertising oil Swift's Brookfield

In our new column "Last minute auction" you can watch a video screen end auction as if in real time! The most interesting and neozhdannye auction ends, the war and the growth rates of prices - see on our screens :)

Most recently, on Ebay has been modified with a description of this item page, and on it was possible to follow the updates the time remaining before the end of the auction, and the change in the current price of the lot in real time. Literally - it's running the numbers. I decided to try to record video directly from the screen the last minute of the auction for an interesting lighter and this is what came of it.

This Zippo lighter in 1950, which promotes oil Swift's Brookfield (Under this mark also, and other miscellaneous groceries). Lighter in excellent condition, never fails to light, new and in the box. In general, a collector's dream!

One minute before the end of trading was 8 rates, and the price was $ 112. But guess how much it can be sold in fact, it was very difficult, given its excellent condition. As often happens, the bets are crucial seconds before the auction ends, and the price could rise strongly enough. How was the last minute of the auction and sold for much lighter - see the live recording from the computer screen :)

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  1. moonCat (18.07.2009 00:01) ( Reply )

    great feature! you are a genius!!!

  2. Golden-Joker (18.07.2009 14:48) ( Reply )

    I'm shocked delight :)

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