Zippo 1961 with advertising company RCA

Pretty famous Zippo advertising record company RCA. It shows a dog of Thomas Edison, who listens to the voice of their own puzzled owner of the horn gramophone.

Again, an unexpected ending! Half a minute before the end of the auction 8 rates, the price of $ 127.50. But it will all end?

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  1. long_boy (two eighteen 19/07/2009) ( Reply )

    "Last minute auction" perfectly thought out and us (me for sure) is very interesting!

  2. botas (20.07.2009 00:37) ( Reply )

    Funny picture on the Zippe. A bit ridiculous ... but many of us know jack audio and video cords in a "tulip". This is the RCA-jack. 28% D1% 80% D0% B0% D0% B7% D1% 8A% D1% 91% D0% BC% ​​29

  3. botas (20.07.2009 00:41) ( Reply )

    long_boy, totally agree about the "last minute auction".

  4. Hen Gilinov (20.07.2009 10:08) ( Reply )

    Eta ne tot RCA, eta RCA Company (Radio Corporation of America), znaminitaya kompania v amereke.

    Jesle komuta nada takuju, umenja jest na prodzhu v MIB.

    PS - Klassna sdelali «Last minute auction"!

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