Zippo Moonlanding 1969, $ 152.50. On the 40th anniversary of the moon landing.

Dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the landing of American astronauts to the moon (it's just today, July 20!). Look how amazingly beautiful drawing on a tiny lighter :)
Sale price: $ 152.50

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  1. botas (21.07.2009 00:42) ( Reply )

    kyrexin, thank you! And even placement of the lot you phot timed to the 40th anniversary of man going to the moon! Here it is a gift for Zippo collectors who specialize in collecting space theme, and simply for lovers of space.

    Not including himself among collectors, connoisseurs, to assume that this cheap lighter left. U.S. $ 200 could get easily (or even more). Moreover, that of drawing - it is the famous "Town and Country", aka T & C. And it is on the lighter series "Moon Landing" is, unfortunately, used the last time.

    Take this opportunity to congratulate the 40th anniversary ferstmunhyumanstepa!

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