Zippo in 1962 to commemorate the landing astronaut Walter Schirra, $ 180.50

Very interesting "space" ekzemplr. In the 1960s, these lighters were made in memory of the landing landers with U.S. astronauts. As a rule, the landing was carried out in the ocean. The task of tracing the descent module and meeting astronauts assigned to the battleship, or dedicated to this mission, or just the closest to the place of landing. So, these Zippo made in very limited quantities and each were given to participants and members of the rescue crew. Of course, each lighter was unique - with their names astronauts ship date. This copy is made ​​in memory of the landing astronaut Walter Schirra October 3, 1962 and the meeting of the aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge .
Sale price: $ 180.50

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