Zippo Popeye the Sailor: the one-eyed sailor

Popeye the sailor (born Popeye the Sailor) - fictional hero of comics and cartoons. In most cases, Popeye appears to readers and viewers sailor middle age with an independent character, a kind of voice and manner of speech (speech and distorts "swallows" the character). He constantly narrows one eye (presumably because of his absence.) It disproportionately developed forearms, which were tattooed two anchors (at least - one), most cartoons are also disproportionately large calves. In the mouth Popeye always keeps smoking pipe with corn cob (which he often uses as botsmansky whistle). Typically, Popeye different in everyday life extreme strength (can easily lift a grand piano, a large animal such as an elephant, as well as heavy equipment such as aircraft), but in a critical situation, faced with extreme difficulty, the bank eats spinach and becomes many times stronger.

Three Zippo collection of Robert Moon:

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