Empty box of Zippo 1940, $ 88.00

Interesting lot - empty box of Zippo World War II, in these boxes Zippo sold from 1942 to 1945. This is an empty box, Zippo is not included! Here you have a price, though normal, but rarely a cardboard box, a whole more expensive lighters :)
Why is anyone buying? It's pretty simple: let's say someone has a brand new lighter black crackle without the box, worth, say, $ 300. Next, the owner purchased separately for $ 88 a box and put it in a lighter. Now complete Lighter + Box 1940 is not $ 388, and a few more, sometimes much more :) So old empty boxes of Zippo often sold, and the demand is stable.
Sale price: $ 88.00

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Tags: Box , WW2


  1. long_boy (23.09.2009 20:33) ( Reply )

    Beautiful! But I think that you can forge a box as two fingers on asphalt! :)

    1. kypexin (09.23.2009 thirty-five past eight p.m.) ( Reply )

      And I do not think :) And the smell? A natural yellow color? A texture characteristic cardboard 1940s? :)

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