Zippo 1955 with advertising TV Sylvania, $ 449.44

Wonderful Zippo 1955 advertising the television receiver Sylvania. In itself, this model is very rare, also in perfect safety. Very nice lighter! Interesting and he advertised a TV: it was the first one back in the 1950s, offers an innovative feature Halolight - Special halogen lamp tube glowed around and visually expands the picture. In the 21st century plasma panels repeated this concept in the function AmbiLight - backlit panels to match the main image. But few know that Sylvania has been a pioneer in the middle of the 20th century :)
Sale price: $ 449.44

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  1. Andrew (13.08.2009 09:15) ( Reply )

    Telly and I suppose Bernd had died and zip works, cool :-)

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