Zippo 1947 with hand-engraved, $ 282.00

Marvellous instance of the of military trench-art - of improvised engravings on the cigarette lighter. This is Lighter approximately 1947-48 the year, on it is represented Japanese landscape and a Japanese same hospital. It is engraved the name of the owner - Elmer Leades, as well as the artist's name - Koichi. We can only guess about stories lighters - for example, that her owner served as a in a military hospital in Japan and on Travel Forum Travel Guide carried the to their favorite a cigarette lighter the master, who portrayed on her these small masterpieces. Very rarely improvised "creativity" of such high quality, in addition to the present case Zippo - more often like the Japanese story makes the nameless silver casings which then simply inserted zippovskie inserts.
Sale price: $ 282.00

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Tags: 1947 , trench-Art

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  1. long_boy (eight thirty-four 08/14/2009) ( Reply )

    Traces of it too for fun, but I thought that he would leave a lot more expensive! Very nice jewelry and all vіgravirovano on lighters! 10

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