Lighters like Zippo

There are many brands of cigarette lighters that are outwardly repeat design Zippo, however, can not be called fake Zippo for one simple reason: they are never written the word "Zippo". These windproof lighters are simply imitation Zippo, but by themselves are quite "honest" products (leaving aside the fact that the design is borrowed - come up with something different from the traditional design with a hinged cover and windscreen - it's like that reinvent the wheel.)

Below, I'll show some of these lighters that are not fakes Zippo, but only repeated its construction.

Very common lighters Chinese company STAR. There are two types of STAR - cheap and luxury :) cheap in quality and feel very different from Zippo, they are light, made of an alloy similar to aluminum. More expensive models have a higher quality.

On the insert is lighter STAR logo and website address

I have in my collection is a lighter-known Korean brand Barlow. Externally, it is very similar to Zippo, but upon closer inspection one can see the difference in quality of the performance of small parts, the wheel, the stamp:

At the auctions can be found dozens of other lighters, somehow similar to the Zippo outwardly, but their stamp can present a variety of surprises - all of them are Zippo, lighters and other brands. The most common Japanese and American models of lighters Park, Penguin, there are many others. Some look like Zippo everything except the actual stamp is different from other cover mounting, the design of the windshield, etc. - But the principle of the design is still the same.

But the Japanese manufacturer Idealine went the other way. This lighter can be accurately distinguished from Zippo - for much smaller size. Children Zippo - the right of this :)

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  1. Andrew (16.08.2009 23:41) ( Reply )

    as vocals do not feed - a bear all the same anymore!

  2. Galina (13.03.2011 10:26) ( Reply )

    Hello! In holdover collection of many lighters labeled Penguin. Looking on the net more, but did not find, please write, where to read about them? Thank you!

  3. SASHA (01.04.2011 19:40) ( Reply )

    I have a lighter Penguin bought in Germany in 1970g.g. along with a carton of cigarettes CAMEL. How much it might cost?

    1. kypexin (01.04.2011 19:53) ( Reply )

      $ 5 - $ 10

  4. Dmitry Osborne (19.10.2011 18:41) ( Reply )

    Hello, I want to thank the creators of the page for razyasneniya.Ya fan of this company and am very pleased that after many comparisons convinced of the authenticity of his lighter, I have four different kinds of them!

  5. Glory (21.11.2011 04:48) ( Reply )

    STAR lighters, including Chinese do not concede nothing to the original ZIPPO

    1. kypexin (21.11.2011 08:58) ( Reply )

      You are wrong.

  6. Glory (21.11.2011 04:49) ( Reply )

    Is that the price of nothing is not an excuse

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