Tobias Kuhn «The Zippo by George G. Blaisdell »(Design Classics)

«I woke up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, one thing on my mind: I wanted a cigarette lighter as big as an encyclopedia. You know the ones, you open the top and it goes CLINK! And then WHOOM! It's thrilling. »
Tom Waits, «Big Time»

This is a nice little booklet of a series of Design Classics, which also released a book about the famous design furniture, cars, cutlery, packaging ... that, you guessed it, about Zippo :) Especially no new information for the collector is not there, because this book is very common plan and tells (and shows a large number of illustrations) Zippo story from the point of view of design lighters, advertising posters and pictures on the lighter. Its very nice to handle as simply kratenky a course on the history of the cult thing. And yet - an unexpected pleasant surprise waiting for me on the back cover: a quote from our Tom Wates, issued at the beginning :) Who watched «Big Time», he should remember this great gag :)
Summary: The book is worthless to a collector, but a nice addition to a small Zippo-library is very good :)

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  1. solobok (08.04.2009 05:10) ( Reply )

    That's it. Quote something from Waits, but most see it for zippo not necessary. It's strange. Just as, say, The Doors. Well, zippo depicts religious figures from the American scale. And Waits, according to American concepts, to "all-American icon" does not hold out (God will judge them ...). But is not the Doors were those at the time? Or do I just do not come across these lighters ...

    1. kypexin (08.04.2009 23:22) ( Reply )

      There really such a situation. All the bands have rights holders. And all the Zippo catalog with orchestras - it's all about business (c) :) So compare the degree of commercialization, for example, Beatles, Kiss and the same Doors - at first it orders of magnitude more, it's a huge industry merchandise. So the company Zippo is not so free to choose which groups will be featured on their lighters - here intersection of interests with great music industry.

      But for example the small club merchandise (which is freely distributed through fan clubs) could well include a Zippo with any group, but it will certainly be quite limited editions, and certainly not in the annual catalogs. Although, honestly speaking, Zippo with Wates I myself have long sought, but did not see any single time.

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