Russian press about Zippo 12 years ago: the new wonders

Personal "Prometheus"
Ode to this lighter

Prometheus stole fire from the gods and brought it to the ground in his hands. And cool burned. The caveman was producing a spark, hitting kresalom on silicon. A great way to break his fingers. Modern man "strike sharply" lighter.

Gas lighters comfortable. Unlike gasoline, they do not smell. Chinese - clear and colorful - are one and a half thousand. Burn two weeks. Sold in any "stall." Their plastic Donets can, as a lever to open a bottle of mineral water. Another "plus": If a lighter with a force quit on the asphalt, it explodes with a deafening roar. Nothing good is "Chinese woman" no.

Gas from disposable "lighters" recommend buying branded "Cricket" or "Bic". Are no more than 2500, while gas reserves enough for six months. High-quality consumer goods, which does not control the flame height: short tongue singed eyelashes you when you get a light.

Monstrous "monsters" in the form "object resembling a gun", a grenade or a clenched fist. All of them are sold in the Chinese market. Only called reusable. Normally burn the first week, and then the mechanism becomes loose and a lighter can only scare the neighbors. "Turbine" lighters with piezo comfortable by not dying away by the slightest breeze, but "eat" the reserve of gas in a week.

Good gas "Flint" - gold plated "Ronson" and "Givenchi" - are from 400 to 800 rubles. But any gas lighter does not burn in the harsh winter of the Urals. Obeying the laws of physics, the cold gas is compressed and the pressure drops.

Relieved from such troubles petrol lighters. Beyond comparison - the American "Zippo". Her classic "forms" have been around for half a century. In 70 years, the domestic industry has created a horrible parody of "Zippo". Tank of gasoline is made of transparent plastic, and in the fuel splashed slide overlooking some scoop attractions. Before you carve the spark had long press on a special button to irrigate gasoline stunted body wick ...

Wick present "Zippo" was translated with a metal wire, so do not bend and do not fumble. Gasoline permeates the pores of proprietary filler tank. Lighter is made of stainless steel and is as simple as a stool - in its design using only one screw, all the nodes are connected and molded studs and soldering. "Zippo" is convenient because our city is full of related products to it. Leather pocket on the belt costs 100 rubles, spare wick and flints - 16 thousand. Gasoline costs about 26 thousand. But you can reduce the cost of the process of using. Domestic gasoline burns just as good, and only costs 6000. All for a thousand rubles to buy a dozen of "our" flints. Pocket of kozhzama (Chinese, of course) is worth forty thousand. Not worth saving only at the lighter. Classic chrome "Zippo" is about 130 thousand. "Female" model (narrow and graceful), models with gold or with a stunning figure are more expensive. But I have never seen a price jumped the bar in half. Purchase should be done only in specialty stores. Flooded the city copies of "Zippo" cost about 30,000, but in reality are not worth a penny. Distinguish a fake fairly easily. This lighter when you open the lid produces a characteristic ringing "click" - say, proprietary. "Pirated" version of tin only discordant clicks. The wind real "Zippo" not goes out. Colorful coating (if any), you can only tear sandpaper. The Chinese fakes paint peeling off right in the window, English signs on the walls of the fuel tank made with gross errors, and the Donets lighters no corporate icon "Zippo", the model number and the name of the country of manufacture. And most importantly - a real lighter guaranteed lifetime warranty company, as evidenced by the quality passport in case.

Sergei Dolls

"Chelyabinsk Worker" on 24.09.1997 for

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  1. Hartman (09.02.2010 18:45) ( Reply )

    How lovely!
    Especially pleasant passage about "a terrible parody of" Zippo "- in fact it was not a parody and a Zippo product is not in any way related, other than the country of origin, it was a simple copy is quite a famous Scripto Vu-Lighter.
    And yes - in 1997, Ronson could easily buy at the store. :)

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