Daryl M. Malloy: vintage Zippo

Today our guest is American collector Daryl "Mike" Malloy. He collects vintage Zippo.

Hey. My name is Mike. I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, three hours from Bradford. My wife Collecting Zippo since 1990. Rich we will not name - rather live modestly, "from payment to payment." Number of lighters in their collection I never thought (bad luck), but it's probably about a thousand pieces. Almost all of them - in boxes, in perfect unused condition (MIB, mint in box). I like best the lighter model Ultralite, and roulette Zippo, and my wife enjoys Zippo 1960-1970's.

For the most part replenish the collection we find at flea markets, sales, in antique benches and at auctions.

Both my parents - collectors, they collect articles vestmorlendskogo glass , which were issued by the Pennsylvania Westmoreland Glass Company from 1890 to 1984. Do not believe me, they are both already over 80, and every day they hunt at flea markets for new acquisitions!

I talk to a lot of collectors and supporters, I really like and watch other people's collections, and to show our. How did it start? It is hard to say, because I've never been a smoker ... but once upon a time my godfather Frank gave me my first cigarette lighter Zippo. I am also very fond of the fact that for each Zippo lighters can be determined year - it brings more interest in collecting.

I wish you all successful acquisitions!

Roulette Zippo

Zippo lighters

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  1. long_boy (19/8/2009 21:49) ( Reply )

    Ida done! ... No words!

  2. mooncat (20.08.2009 13:50) ( Reply )


  3. long_boy (08.21.2009 00:05) ( Reply )

    Quote: "I was also very fond of the fact that for each Zippo lighters can determine the year - it brings more interest in picking up."

    I fully support Mike! Vintage is cool but I am certainly glad of any lighter, but it is me that's more and more begin to like the lighter and more BRASS Zippo with unusual stamps! That is, it 50god, 53-54god, 78 years old, 86-88god, 2000goda, Sorrer, Armor ™, Anniversary, and of course all kinds of replica! I think I decided that I will collect Zippo Zippo on stereotypes and models BRASS. And then what? And then as God wills! :)

  4. Dewars (05.11.2012 02:44) ( Reply )

    Zdorovo.Ya really want to live in a three-hour drive from Bradford)

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