Safe driving awards Zippo: Lighter truck drivers

The cargo and transport U.S. companies since the mid-20th century was a very developed system of rewards for accident-free driving - drivers are awarded for a year, three or five years of accident-free driving, it can be silver pins, badges, medals, and, of course, lighter Zippo.

Here are three such wonderful specimen from my collection - 1948, 1956 and 1957. Belonged to the American Trucker, hitting years without accidents:

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  1. Andrew (24.08.2009 11:57) ( Reply )

    A stamp it now or anything like that this tradition has sunk into oblivion?

    1. kypexin (08/24/2009 12:01) ( Reply )

      As far as I know, there is little, perhaps, with very few exceptions. At least, I did not come across a single instance of this modern Zippo.

  2. Andrew (24.08.2009 15:10) ( Reply )

    It is a pity that the fears were confirmed ... and directories Zippo recent confirmation

    1. kypexin (twenty past three p.m. 08/24/2009) ( Reply )

      Well catalogs here just to do with it - you know, that in the catalog includes only retail production models lighter, I think it is 1% of the actual produced, and only special orders and generally never cataloged, except in the archives of the company Zippo :)) And, in the end, now collecting a normal directory of the current year, which shows a worldwide retail (, intersected very little (though, of course, the older the time directory , the higher will be a collector's interest to its content).

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