Interview with Wendy Arnett (Wendy Arnett), an employee of the company Zippo

Today our guest is my American friend Wendy Arnett (Wendy Arnett) - it works for Zippo for 31 years, since 1978. In our interview, she rasskazyvet about his work and the people who surrounded her all the years of service. This is the first interview with an ordinary employee of the company Zippo, published in Russian.


- You came to work in the company Zippo itself, or is it a family tradition?

- In 1978 I was a young divorced mother and I was only 24 years old. I needed a job, and all the Bradford knew that the company Zippo - one of the best places you can go to work. George Blaisdell is characterized by particularly to young mothers who worked in the company, and young families are significant benefits. Unfortunately, I've never been familiar with Blaisdell personally - he died just a few months before I went to work for Zippo.

- How often in the company Zippo "family dynasty" when, for example, grandfather, father and son are all working in the same company? Or vice versa, the company new people who have no relatives there does not work?

- Some of Bradford says, "Be polite to all, never do not know in advance who is whose relative." Quite often the case is that the company Zippo are or have few relatives. Do I have the most at one time, all four of my brothers and sisters worked there. Right now in my Zippo has 2 sisters, cousin and my son. There are also workers who have no relatives there does not work, but this is rare.

- Bradford - a small town, all employees Zippo really know each other and are members of one big family?

- Of course, as in any family, there are differences. But when something happens to someone, you may want to help someone, you would not believe how much all responsive and willing to help and take part! Here is a story that happened to me. June 24, 2007 my son was in a serious car accident and was 2:00 in the balance of death while in the hospital in Rochester, New York. And our Zippo-family - everything, including the employees, the management, the owners of the company, ie everything - to help me in this situation. Vseo before they collected money to help me recover urgent expenses. My son had a broken back, had a lot of injuries and concussions. He was paralyzed and the doctors said it would be a miracle if he would walk again. There in the hospital, I spent 19 days with him. And the house we had to build a special ramp to bring the carriage with her son. So, while I was in the hospital, my colleagues from Zippo met at his house, do all cooked and had built a ramp for us at our arrival! Other colleagues have helped us at home, cooked for us, and so on - in short, I had only to say that I needed and I got it. I certainly know how to Zippo-family help each other, but when you find yourself the object itself of such assistance, it is simply impossible to believe. And my son finally started walking, and in April 2008 he again went to work! It was a miracle, and I would not have coped without the help of my colleagues. The company also provided me leave and then return to work part-time while I was still taking care of her son.

- Do you work in a department supervisor packaging - the words sound a bit boring, but what really is the job? There is space to creativity, as they say?

- In fact, nothing boring in my work does not. My duty - the final product packaging before shipping to customers, I also watch for her purity. We constantly train and train new employees. We are also working to improve the business processes, make up more effective methods, and so on ... In general, the work as work, nothing wrong with that!

- Tell me, is very different job in the company Zippo today compared to what it was 30 years ago? You do feel taken place during this time of change?

- When I first joined the company, I worked in the processing on automatic machines, which were coated on most models of lighters. And then I graduated to, shall we say, a senior specialist of the controller and the line, which I was in 1990. For all the time of course, I've seen a lot of changes! It is not that all the changes at first seemed to be correct. But most people do not like change! Of course, it takes time to realize all that they have made a difference.

- And when times were easier to Zippo-family - 30 years ago or now?

- It's hard to say, I would not claim that they were easier or more difficult, times were just different ... But for example, smoking bans, increased cigarette prices and layoffs rather severe blow to the company.

- During your work in a company has had three presidents: Robert Gailey (1978-1986), Michael Shuler (1986-2000) and George Duke in 2000. Have any special memories of each of them and their time management?

- All of them were very concerned about the employees of the company! George has a special relationship at all, because it is both the owner of the company, as opposed to the others.

- And if you were the president of the company Zippo, what would you change?

- Well, I would do so, to ensure that production has increased enough to take back all the workers, who at one time were reduced or dismissed, and then hire another new :)

- You do polzueshsya products Zippo?

- Yes, I like to give them basically. I myself do not smoke, so the house is used only household gas lighters Zippo. A range of leather products like wallets Zippo!

- Thank you, Wendy :) One last question - what do you wish rossyskim Zippo collectors and on behalf of all the big Zippo-family?

- Thanks for the brand loyalty Zippo! Collecting for your pleasure! :) I wish everyone to be happy, and occasionally come to us in Bradford for meetings of collectors, and just come - shall be very happy to meet any of you!

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  1. Daiver (07.09.2009 09:14) ( Reply )

    Unfortunately, the interview is empty. Of course I feel sorry for her son, but to devote half of the story about this article - it is too. Information on the actual production of lighters - zero. In general, it is even an interview will not name. Some women's snot. Disappointed. Wasting my time to read.

    1. kypexin (twelve five 9.7.2009) ( Reply )

      Well you see, I was wondering interview with a real person (who while still working for the company Zippo), not the technical details of the production process :) Learn about the production of lighters can be dozens of other sources, and our website (his other headings) no exception - here, even his short movie for two is about it: .
      Well, for your time sorry :) Probably, we have different goals of the material.

  2. Daiver (07.09.2009 12:23) ( Reply )

    Yes, apparently really different purpose. Just focus was just on an interview with someone from the company Zippo therefore expected that there will be details about the company, so to speak inside view, and instead got a personals. In that case, why would ask the opinion of the public what issues she would like to see illuminated in an interview if any so far not been given.

    1. kypexin (9.7.2009 12:37) ( Reply )

      Apparently, I was poorly explained objectives interview. I wanted to do (and did) interview with a real person about life and work, and not about the technology of producing lighters. Set in this interview questions about that, "the seal insert" and "what if I break Zippo 1939", I think a few ridiculous, sorry :) In all such matters, by the way, you can get the answer right on Online or in person, I, an employee of the company Zippo for this totally unnecessary!

  3. Daiver (07.09.2009 12:47) ( Reply )

    Well, personally, I think that once a person is selected for an interview by proffessionalnoy activity, this aspect should be a little lit, and the output is a "work as work."
    But okay, that's my opinion on the article, I will not impose it. Just ask what you want to see in the interview, I asked my question, and eventually got the typical whining American article in the style of "we're a team, we are the best, we all do." The triumph of democracy and the American dream and nothing concrete. So disappointed. For sim leave.

  4. botas (08.09.2009 02:23) ( Reply )

    to Daiver:
    > "Just focus was just on an interview with someone from the company Zippo"
    "" Wendy Arnett (Wendy Arnett) - it works for Zippo for 31 years. '"

    > ", Respectively, it was expected that there will be details about the company"
    Expected by whom?

    > "So to speak inside look"
    "So to speak," said there were also words.

    > "And instead got details of personal life."
    Got who?

  5. Daiver (08.09.2009 09:05) ( Reply )

    to botas:
    If you've read my posts, you would see that yauzhe out with it, that is, opinions and expectations of the article. Further discussion of the controversy and become useless squabble. Therefore refrain from further comment.

  6. kypexin (9/8/2009 2:16 p.m.) ( Reply )

    Guys, do not quarrel :) will not please everyone, everyone has different expectations of the different materials of our site :) I always try to please everyone ... by one :))

  7. ZiPPOGouda (15.09.2009 06:32) ( Reply )

    Hi Vladimir, don't let someone chop off your head because you sticked it out.
    I think you did do a good job interviewing Wendy Arnett.
    Who will be the next you interview?
    Keep up the good work.

  8. Wendy (19.09.2009 17:38) ( Reply )

    Hi All,
    Sorry if some of ypu were disappointed in my answers. I answered the questions that were asked of me. And some of you made me feel that I should not have done so. Some people are interested in the real workings of Zippo and that is the employees. With out them, just what would Zippo be. We sell great products, have good employees, and It is a great place to work. Thanks for you very invaluable input.

    1. kypexin (19/9/2009 fifty-one past five p.m.) ( Reply )

      Hi Wendy,
      the readers might have very different expectations from my articles, some are just a bit narrow-minded and often want to ask very specific questions on lighters production etc etc. But here I wanted to talk to you not in a technical way, but humane way, and I think my goal is achieved. So thank you very much for sharing your thoughts in this interview!!

  9. jalcom (27.11.2009 10:55) ( Reply )

    Hi All, I've got something to add:
    Too bad I wasn't aware of this interview before, but still: Wendy, it was a pleasure to read this due to the great deal of HUMANITY and belief in your employer! This is really a cool thing to realize that there are true people behind the scenes, it makes me feel some kind of a soul in every lighter I touch. I personally always strive to obtain old pieces, the more scratched the better just because of this very feeling, the feeling of lighter with a soul, that's seen a lot ... that's just terrific no matter what is the condition of a piece. Reading your interview I realized that these lighters are made by a tight team, that's invaluable! I appreciate everything you do, and I'd like to wish you luck and to be really proud of your work!
    Here in Russia we do appreciate it, at least some of us. Hope the company will fluorish together with its staff!
    Keep it real, Zippo team!

  10. Andrey (29.11.2009 11:46) ( Reply )

    Just focus was just on an interview with someone from the company Zippo therefore expected that there will be details about the company, as it look iznutri.K Unfortunately, the interview is empty. Of course I feel sorry for her son, but to devote half of the story about this article - it is too.

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