How not to sell on Ebay Zippo

Looking auctions on Ebay, sometimes you wonder how sellers sometimes do not care for the principle of "serve showmanship" - so miserable and blurry pictures come across, and is as poor description.

This item has crossed all limits of decency! Seller puts a very rare Zippo lighter in 1935 with an initial price of 1,999 dollars and a buyout price of $ 5,000 - and enjoy, what pictures:


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  1. Ltd (20.03.2010 19:47) ( Reply )

    I'm a noob, I want to buy a cigarette lighter on, who can help?

    1. Ltd (20.03.2010 19:48) ( Reply )

    2. kypexin (20.03.2010 21:15) ( Reply )

      What kind of help do you need?

  2. Ltd (20.03.2010 22:12) ( Reply )

    assistance in the form of advice on the subject of what to do and how to order)
    More and text pages in English - all against me = (
    I can show the link to start would like to know whether it is possible to buy this model and, if possible, talk more =)

    1. kypexin (20.03.2010 22:16) ( Reply )

      write me a letter in the mail. although if you do not know English, it will be very difficult ...

  3. Ltd (20.03.2010 22:25) ( Reply )

    Tell your mail
    Yes, with primary school teaching German = (and I hope that you will help me to make an order, and I'll away somehow thank you =)

    1. kypexin (20.03.2010 22:26) ( Reply )

      my address - in the lower right corner of each page of the site :)

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