As 99% to distinguish fake Zippo, having in hand the present

This amazing in its simplicity and effectiveness of the recipe gave me my friend from New Zealand, Paul Fleming - the world famous Zippo-engraver creates the lighter unique masterpieces , each unique. A short interview with him I still have, and that's actually a recipe of how to distinguish fake Zippo.

If you have at hand is the Zippo, the authenticity of which you are 100% sure, to determine the other fakes, do the following. Remove the screw that holds the spring flint lighters from the present, and try to screw it into one that is suspect. At 99% it does not screw the fake Zippo. The answer is simple: at home in the Zippo U.S. uses the English system of measures (inches, etc.), in which there is a specification of the screw thread, and virtually all fakes are made in Asia, where in the course of the metric system of measures (and the thread is measured in millimeters) . Therefore Asian screw is screwed into the U.S. thread.

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  1. long_boy (04.09.2009 18:55) ( Reply )

    Funny :)! Nice and easy! Very best and fastest way to check!

    1. Vantus (21.02.2010 16:03) ( Reply )

      And if you're on the lighter, the authenticity of which you're sure - just want to buy - but you do not want to buy a fake ...
      Then what?

      1. kypexin (21.02.2010 16:24) ( Reply )

        Then read here:

        1. SLS (28.09.2010 17:20) ( Reply )

          and whether there is a screw fotoobraztsy this Zippo? just do not compare.

          1. blinowww (28.09.2010 23:10) ( Reply ) (Further comments do not nest)

            Photo by screw you hardly Decide objective comparison of live.

  2. kalyan_off (27.03.2010 20:17) ( Reply )

    took note)

  3. asprod (16.11.2010 16:54) ( Reply )

    Vantus, if the screws are different, just take any fraud (is cheap), come to the store and also compare the screws! If from a cheap suit, then a fake Zippo ... if not, it's real!

  4. blinowww (17.11.2010 00:06) ( Reply )

    asprod, well, not to the same degree. maybe it will say that there are exceptions.

  5. olips3000 (10.03.2011 00:01) ( Reply )

    erunda.vot'll get a better camera down and upload pictures of lighters is very difficult to fake opredelit.ili high quality steel

  6. MECHANICS (28.03.2011 17:21) ( Reply )

    People, help identify - fake or not? # / album21447516_130846466

  7. Andrew (15.04.2011 08:56) ( Reply )

    on the metric thread angle of thread 60 degrees for inch - 55 ... So we can define an elementary thread gauge inch or metric thread? respectively - zippo real or not? I'm not mistaken?

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