History lighters Park and Park Sherman Company

Lighters Park produced by The Park Sherman Company in Springfield, Illinois. Company was founded by Jacob Sherman in the late 1930's. This company was originally produced for the miners (lamps, matches, etc.), and later switched to smoking accessories (lighters, cigarette boxes, etc.), and various household and office stuff. Production of lighter later based in Murfrisboro, Tennessee, under the name of Park Industries. To insert and stamps lighters can be found both names - Park Sherman and Park Industries.

During World War II lighters Park, just like Zippo, fought alongside American soldiers, and 100% of the products sold Park only in the U.S. military. Military Park copies lighters often painted black and are coated "black crackle".

One of the trademarks of the company was the brand Everdry - "always dry." So called, for example, produced by cigarette cases that protect cigarettes from moisture and humidity.

Company at different times produced aluminum petrol lighters under the brands Park, Storm King, Storm Queen (Ladies, often off with imitation leather).

In 1970 the company was bought and Park ceased to produce lighter, more traces of it are lost in time. Virtually all of the existing market lighters Park were issued no later than 1970. There are varieties of models of lighters and inserts, but a more precise dating of them is not yet possible.

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