About Zippo lifetime guarantee and ingenious advertising courses

George Grant Blaisdell was quite ordinary inventor but a brilliant marketer. As you know, gasoline vetrozaschischennnaya lighter was invented it was not long before the foundation of the company Zippo Mfg Co. - A patent on the Austrian lighter «Hurricane», which served as the inspiration for Mr. Zippo, was issued in 1912. The Austrian company is mass-produced gasoline IMCO lighters out of shotgun shells back in the 1920s (in fairness it must be said that for all of its existence IMCO lighters produced even more than Zippo - more than 500 million, but that's for another time). The improvements are made to the Blaisdell «Hurricane», are so simple that they did not think of them would be very difficult. Zippo genius inventor was different - in advertising and in the way supply of the goods, and, of course, the famous lifetime warranty on the lighter.

Here is the famous advertising posters Zippo 1970s. They all carry the main idea: "This lighter has seen so much and still works» - «It still works today». Is it possible not to rely on a solid thing, especially if you carry it with you and use every day? Millions of customers have relied Zippo, and they were right!

And now I will reveal a little secret.

Zippo lighter can not work.

If you take the lamp of age in 3000 years, there pour oil and insert the wick, it will burn. Gasoline vapors also will burn everywhere and was a spark. Therefore Zippo will work, as long as there is at least a couple of drops of fuel and a spark. I sometimes wear a Zippo lighter in his pocket in 1947 - the oldest one that I have. I specially cleaned it, put a new flint and wick. It works. There is no difference, will it be 1933 or 2008, :)

Offer the customer a lifetime warranty on his lighter - it was a very bold move for 1933, but in many ways justified. First of all, simple design Zippo ensure that it can be broken only in very specific circumstances - in fact, the most that can happen with two connected pieces of metal eyelet, it's separated, or burst supporting bonnet, but such misfortune befall not everyone. The rest of the break in the Zippo just nothing. As for the rough handling, so it is subject to any everyday thing.

On the other hand, look at the price of $ 1.95 per lighter: it was a lot or a little in 1933, when the salary of a laborer is about $ 15-20 per week, and pay a specialist with higher education - $ 45-60 per week? Not so much (as, for example, cost the baby doll), but all the Americans who are used to the conditions of the Great Depression and unemployment to count every penny, could demand for their labor dollar reliable everyday thing that will not break or a day, or through month - and Blaisdell gave them such a thing! Any Broke Free chinilas lighter factory in Bradford and returned to the owner. It is unlikely that the same service is offered to manufacturers for broken dolls kids! :).

As the years passed, lighters broke, lifetime warranty remains. Zippo has won the reputation of "eternal" things, not because it was such, but because the inventor wanted to make it so. Well, that he is very well managed, and the Zippo lighter with age dignify engravings, overgrown stories, lost and found, broke and were repaired, handed down in families from father to son - a classic American story: «This lighter belonged to my dad ...» !

In 1935, with the advent of advertising posters Zippo was a tiny pocket billboard, a kind of "two-in-one" - utilitarian lighter and advertising media simultaneously. And in 1942 Zippo with American soldiers to conquer the rest of the world, and after the Second World War to prove its reliability has no one wanted - but that's the next story.

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  1. Igor (14/05/2009 01:26) ( Reply )

    There are wear ... At its lighters that only 9 years old, I see much smaller height notches on the wheel than just bought ... It works, but the lights have not always the first or even the second time.
    I think that 50 years of active use (and not 10 years and enjoyed 40 years kept under glass) will cause the lighter to light that becomes really big problem. Sparks will not. But who is to come of this? .. I've been thinking now send its under glass. Yes, worn and covered with a thick layer of soot form I like a lot more shiny new lighter, but reliability is more important ...

    1. kypexin (14.05.2009 17:42) ( Reply )

      Yes, you are right about the wear. By the way, you narrated about the wheel is not surprising - its life is determined by the company Zippo about 8-10 years (approximately 73,000 ignitions). And, of course, it all depends on the actual frequency of use, quality of flint etc. But in 10 years of daily use, it certainly will wear just the way you what happened :)

      1. Igor (14/05/2009 19:06) ( Reply )

        And this falls under warranty? ..
        After all somehow works ...

        1. kypexin (14.05.2009 22:02) ( Reply )

          Generally speaking, yes, falls. Ie you have every right to send a lighter in for repair, and you have not even give a new insert in the gift :)

  2. Stas (03.09.2009 19:53) ( Reply )

    I had a case in Finland.
    Decided to replace the flint, and he became an edge in the tube and did not want to go anywhere vyhodit.Ya usual bench at the train station where they sell Zippo and Victorinox and asked me pomoch.Devushka behind the counter just pulled my insert, put in a new one, filled the petrol and gave it to me. I am in a stupor))) I ask-How much? and she told me, all right, a lifetime warranty!

    interested in Russia is that possible?))

    1. kypexin (03.09.2009 20:02) ( Reply )

      Yes, easily. Then of course there is a big part of just "good faith" the seller - they are not forced to do so, but I have heard and seen, as in the point of sale to customers ran the Zippo, for example. A Joker out and do an insert changed for free. Ie nothing surprising in this. Just not all vendors are responsive :)

      1. Stas (03.09.2009 20:12) ( Reply )

        How not asked to fill in tobacco shops nobody zapravlyal.Znayu only one place (which by the way, again, right near the Consulate of Finland :)) where for 10p. not filled in the original fuel))

        1. kypexin (03.09.2009 8:14 p.m.) ( Reply )

          Well apparently sellers across soulless, no luck: (
          And it's certainly a good-normal, even for a dense and that Russia has become normal.

  3. Yuri (14.11.2009 20:19) ( Reply )

    Lighter course is great and a lifetime warranty again, but it only works with the original silicon and
    wick, even zaprake Ronsonovskim gasoline works differently and does not ignite the first time, although in advertising it's different. I know cases where the use of non-original gasoline and lighter flints resulted in full negodnost.Tak what about universality, would argue. Pity there is no information about the IMCO, as well as a great site, thanks.

  4. sas71 (23.04.2010 14:24) ( Reply )

    Tell someone in Russia triggered a lifelong service, where it looks like and where is this wonderful point in Moscow. I'm 100% American ZIPPO, her 20 years, that's for sure ...

    1. kypexin (23.04.2010 17:35) ( Reply )

      Not very clear "how to work." You will bring back the lighter, you have a chance (if the case is not a guarantee and a lighter fake) put new hinges and completely replace the insert. Is service in Moscow: http://www.zippo.ru/guarantee/service/ . That's all :)

  5. buma (09.03.2011 02:10) ( Reply )

    I have a lighter in 2009 with a broken lid. This can be fixed under warranty?

    1. faust (09.03.2011 13:23) ( Reply )


      1. buma (09.03.2011 21:36) ( Reply )

        decided to send directly to the U.S.. Ukraine is not particularly taken to repair the cover (((. And more. no inserts can be sent or not I would hope to replace the case. Shipment costs 5 dollars. U.S..

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