Change fuel cartridge for Zippo: unrealized invention

In 2004, Zippo has patented a rather unusual thing: a removable fuel cartridge for lighters. By design, these plastic cartridges with the fuel inside had to be bought in store instead of bottles with gasoline and plugged directly into a specially modifitsirovannny insert. The principle of operation is clear from the first pair of images: the fuse is located in a tube with a sharp end that the plastic fuel tank with just pierced when installed in an insert:

At first glance it is very convenient and easy, but leaves open the question of compatibility of this cartridge has released earlier five hundred million inserts :) The second set of illustrations is an alternate version of the cartridge and use it (without a special tube for the wick), but this is not so convenient as option number one:

In general, the invention so far remained on paper ... but who knows, maybe in a few years we will see something like this in production.

Interested parties can download a PDF-file with the patent entirely.

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  1. Elsoron (13.09.2009 14:07) ( Reply )

    I remembered this one's device:
    In my practical and simple :)

  2. Diokhan (13.09.2009 14:24) ( Reply )

    I think these solutions are worthy, they would replace zippo blue! ..

  3. Oleg (10.06.2009 twenty-six past one p.m.) ( Reply )

    Spasibo, o4en interesniy post!

  4. avi (17.10.2010 14:35) ( Reply )

    In the presence of an admixture of the hands and skill can be something like that and the pile itself.

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