Tom Hazelmyer «Scorched Art: The Incendiary Aesthetic of Flame Rite Zippos»

«Flame Rite» - this is a group of American avant-garde artists, which grew out of an underground music label, "Amphetamine Reptile Records" . The story began with the fact that in the early 1990s, the label released a limited edition Zippo with their logo, not really hoping that someone is interested in buying, but the edition of 50 copies were sold out at the moment. This beginning has inspired Tom Hazelmeyera, collector Zippo, label owner and author of the book for further creative pursuits, which were more than performance - the group «Flame Rite» eventually joined by many artists and designers, in a completely rabotayushih cosmic post-punk and industrial styles who for more than 10 years have produced a large number of crazy design frikovskih Zippo, which can be called art with a capital letter. The fruits of their labor can be seen on their official website . Actually the book is a small, but very colorful and high-quality catalog issued by them lighter. Excellent purchase for fans of crazy and unusual design Zippo.

UPDATE: Lighter Flame Rite of authorship Mark Mothersbaugh - acquisition to my collection in August 2009:

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