The company bought a Zippo Ronson Corporation

In it a little hard to believe, but in our eyes almost accomplished deal of the century. Just recently, the company Zippo Manufacturing Company has announced that it is buying corporation Ronson - or rather, its U.S. and Canadian offices, producing lighters and related accessories.

Here is an excerpt from the official announcement of online

Zippo Manufacturing Company announced the purchase of corporate assets Ronson Consumer Products Corporation, located in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The purchase agreement also includes the acquisition of the Canadian branch of Ronson Corporation of Canada, working in Mississauga, Ontario.

Ronson has a strong position in the market of petrol lighter, and produces a large range of pocket, economic and lighters.


Here's how the deal said Zippo President Gregory Booth: "We would love to add to the family brand Zippo also venerable brand Ronson. This prriobretenie allow us to expand the business, the most extensive use in its favor a competitive advantage in the market Ronson lighters and fuel for them. We hope that this will give a great opportunity for the growth of both brands in the market. "

Zippo company previously purchased products knives company WR Case and Sons Cutlery Company and the Italian company to manufacture leather Zippo Fashion Italia.

In general, we can only sigh, looking at how the historic brand Ronson alive eats giant business. I also really wonder how long he will remain on the Ronson brand products and a range of changes made Zippo lighters. The statement about "a strong position in the market Ronson lighter fuel," I see only some excuse - after all, Ronson produces not a cosmic super-duper-gasoline, and produces exactly the same, and in this case the purchase is essentially limited only changes in ownership of metal kanistrochek with petroleum product inside. But with lighters interesting - because Ronson virtually ceased production Zippo main competitive products, petrol lighters WindII, so the purchase is not of a character trying to simply buy up competitors in the bud, because de facto they are no longer competitors. And yet - whether they will now continue to produce disposable plastic lighters, which are now, along with other manufactures Ronson? In other words, whether the company will have to fall to release Zippo disposable konsyumerskogo shit, albeit under the global brand Ronson? :)

"I'll eat you! Am! "

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  1. Michael (10/18/2009 1:46 p.m.) ( Reply )

    Hahaha, that's a cool related photo.

  2. botas (18.10.2009 20:50) ( Reply )

    Oh yes, a historic event! I wonder how many bought ...
    Nice photo :)

  3. blinowww (18.10.2009 23:10) ( Reply )

    honestly do not know what kind of company ...
    a photo of 5 points!)))

    1. kypexin (10/18/2009 23:14) ( Reply )

      So find out more on the link, and then ashamed:

  4. Qik (10/19/2009 19:16) ( Reply )

    And what a model Zippo Ronson wants to eat?

    1. kypexin (10.19.2009 19:39) ( Reply )

      This Ronson Windlite 1950 - the most beautiful model with a flip-top, a real aristocrat. About it will still be a separate article.

  5. Hartman (02.11.2009 14:23) ( Reply )

    I would say that the Zippo ate leftovers, even more likely, the remains of former magnificence of what was called Ronson.
    Louis Aronson turned over in his grave, I guess.

  6. Pieterkar (01.12.2009 17:05) ( Reply )

    Maybe they will revive the brand.

    Here is what one official about cars (which can also be related to the cigarette lighter): "... the brand easier to recreate than to create from scratch. It carries a certain charm attachment to roots, if the brand is, of course, there is. "

    1. kypexin (12/01/2009 eleven past five p.m.) ( Reply )

      Who gets revived? Zippo revive Ronson? Do not believe it! :))) I think it would be better to give Ronson quietly die and become a part of history than to turn it into another konsyumerskoe shit. Although in fact it turns out that Zippo, may have bought not only the brand, how stupid capacity + patents.

      1. Hartman (01.12.2009 18:44) ( Reply )

        Market lighters skukozhivaetsya with the fall of the number of smokers, a joyous hoots fighters healthy death. Anyway, the fact that the removal of heat after the market disposable lighters, the disappearance of the phenomenon prestigious accessory - more or less feed will not. and as for the development of the question. Colibri is a lively yet, and losing skukozhilas Kreisler and Ibelo, Zippo alive, IMCO in what is still a suschestvoet from China scraps Ronsona existed in the form of disposable lighters and refillable what that nishtyakov, jewelry wonders like Dupont Cartier and alive at the same patch on what huddle expensive Swiss watches - and all. A certain amount of obscure pieces a la Colibri, but under modelernymi brands, Silver Match, very unlike yourself.
        Everything else scored fully disposable lighters and Chinese miracles.
        In a time when Bentley made by Volkswagen - no place for such things as lighter with a prestigious name, which is more than 100 years - is not there.
        In Europe, people are already asking - where you can buy gas and petrol lighter and it generally looks.

        1. kypexin (12.02.2009 20:42) ( Reply )

          Hartman, thanks for such a sensible comment. Unfortunately yes, times lighter ka kprestizhnogo accessory over, and old traditions are killed healthy modern consumerism. Basically, is it happening in all areas can not be helped. Especially with the lighter - I wish in the past the great brands that survive in the modern world is almost unreal.
          As predicted 15 years ago, the future of lighters for mass production from Asia.
          By the way! Me in this regard is very impressed by a Chinese company Jobon, which now produces very original and different models of lighters, including petrol. Those who have them in his hands, praised. All I want to hold myself :)

          1. Hartman (02.12.2009 23:13) ( Reply ) (Further comments do not nest)

            Yes, there are ads desktop Ronson: "In each room - a Ronson" looks at least amusing. Put so much work into the lighter already seems wrong, and not only lighter - many items, from lighters to the car, music and litratury made room in sneakers - worn out, thrown out and forgotten, they are not dreaming, they are not proud of, and certainly no longer inherited.
            And brands - I humbly collect what I can afford but the story is still sometimes an illustration of the engineering approach to the problem, such as, Thorens and Zippo or Ronson Adonis (gasoline) and Mosda Streamline - superficially similar but structurally different . Even in the early gas is seen - monumental, for centuries, valves Mosda Streamline Gas and microscopically-fancy valves Ronson ... someday I'll write about it, I guess.
            I have one Jobon, done on the grounds of pre-war Rowenta Snip, where the spring-loaded button down crossbar that rotates kresalo - simplistic, but very similar. Could not resist and bought. Monumental thing, very strong, well deserving of their money, even the rubber seal under the screw to fill the fuel is. And even work - if you replace the flint. And the box of the good old days, present. The only problem - not brass, unfortunately, and that sort of CAM-a or something like, from an alloy made kitsch such handles in bronze. But it is. The gas station after keeping this thing two weeks, a test drive was, you might say.
            And yes, that's right - Asians suffer until the desire to live forever, the market for lighters is there, the money appear gradually, and will be followed by a taste for beautiful things - maybe the Chinese will do at least a copy of the same Ronson ... is where to get parts old. (Blessed are the believers)

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