Zippo member Iraqi military operations, $ 72.91

A very interesting instance of the military - Zippo 1990 prinazhdlezhavshaya party military operation "Desert Storm" in the Middle East. Very good preservation, homemade engraving in general - a modern version of the Vietnamese lighters. These lighters engraved with homemade very rare, as I remember, from the Middle East, it seems to be generally the first to fall into a sale by auction.
Sale price: $ 72.91

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  1. Enczo (27.10.2009 18:52) ( Reply )

    very clear engraving, IMHO used spets.instrument or machine

  2. botas (28.10.2009 00:59) ( Reply )

    Notice in Figure camel. Camel is cool! He packs of cigarettes Camel. Is that near the camel's ass is not a pyramid.

    1. Enczo (28.10.2009 13:06) ( Reply )

      If I am not mistaken, it is the Camel (no filter) and Lusky Srtike are soldered to the American soldiers, and apparently there was drawing, well, frustum in Saudi Arabia is not the place :-)

  3. oniks1 (28.10.2009 23:24) ( Reply )

    Yes, keep up the good ... but apparently it still dropped ... It covers a small shift ... I have the same sorrowful experience ... However, watching the manufacture of cigarette lighters in the factory, manipulate cap (on video), I was able to reduce this shift, but not until the end ... I'm afraid to tear it entirely from the loop ...)))))

    1. Enczo (29.10.2009 10:38) ( Reply )

      or the cost banderolki to Bradford and back, and a free repair :-)

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