Russian press about Zippo 15 years ago: how it all began

Zippo opened its Moscow office
Petrol lighters will serve Russians forever

American company Zippo Manufacturing Company, the world's largest producer of high petrol lighters, intends to actively promote their products to the Russian market. Yesterday, the company opened an office in Moscow a permanent establishment. Its head, John Goeth (John Goeth) believes that the Russian market is very promising for the companies that produce a variety of accessories designed for wealthy customers. In the future, Moscow plans to open a second store in the world of corporate Zippo.

Company Zippo Manufacturing Company was founded in the U.S. in 1937. During the Second World War, the government of USA has ordered a large batch of lighters for American soldiers. Soon, Zippo lighters became popular in America. Now Zippo - the world's largest and most prestigious collection of petrol lighters and controls 90% of the market. The range of companies - about 300 models. Production volume - 17 million lighters a year.

According to Mr. Geta, until recently in Moscow shops traded mainly Turkish and Taiwanese imitations Zippo. With the emergence in Russia authorized wholesale dealer, who was shopping and financial company "Stance" and network of dealers, sellers buyers can buy the genuine products of the company. In order to become a Russian dealer of Zippo, to purchase for resale consignment for an amount not less than $ 3 thousand
The strategic line of the conquest of new markets suggests that wholesale prices in Russia would be significantly lower than in other countries. This will allow for the retail sale of lighters at prices 50-70% lower than, for example, in the U.S.. Incidentally, the range of prices for various models of Zippo is very large - from $ 12 to $ 1.5 thousand
In its first year of operation in Russia, the company plans to sell more than 50 thousand lighters and as many cans of purified gasoline. Moreover, the Russian market will be the entire range of products Zippo: lighters, stainless steel, copper, with a picture, and without, as well as lighters of precious metals made by special order. For example, in the USA is very popular series with images of U.S. presidents, famous musicians, with brands of large companies. Rockers all over the world prefer Zippo lighters series "90 Years of Harley-Davidson". A customer became the first Russian company `C FOX and Concern Savva. In addition, the planned release of collectible lighters "St. Basil's Cathedral" and a series featuring the presidents of the CIS.
In Moscow Zippo now available at the hotel "Intourist" and store "Electronics" on Leninsky Prospekt. Due to the fact that the company considers the Russian market is very promising, it is planned to open in Moscow chain store Zippo (the first and only company store Zippo is in New York).
Since the foundation Zippo professes rule lifetime warranty and lighter company - ever. Mr. Goeth believes Zippo buy advantageous because one is worth a thousand petrol lighter gas.

Sergei Z-Mining

"Kommersant", number 133 of 07/16/93

Zippo sales policy change in Russia
Zippo became the authorized distributor of the company sago

Prestigious manufacturer of gasoline lighter - U.S. company Zippo Manufacturing Company - began active development of the Russian market, based on the only authorized distributor of - Moscow company Sago (SAGO). Zippo commissioned by the analysis of the Russian market has allowed to identify potential customers and predict sales of lighters this company in 1994 - is estimated at $ 1 million Yesterday, representatives of sago returned to Moscow after talks with the Zippo, during which it was agreed to exclusive distribution and establishing a dealer network in Russia.

Sago company was founded in 1993 with the participation of Russian trade and financial firms' Ctens ", which is part of the holding Savva, and the American company Toda Vista Inc. According to President John Sago Geta (John Goeth), as a result of negotiations with the owner of Zippo George Duke (George B. Duke) his company acquired the rights the only authorized distributor of brand Zippo lighters in Russia. Sale will be lighter in the central stores of major Russian cities. By early 1994, they will appear in 19 prestigious currency stores in Moscow. In addition, Sago will accept applications for registered lighters, vintage and custom Russian firms. Such orders have already been received from companies Savva and LIS. Sago dealer is open to any person who acquires the lighter over $ 5 thousand dealer may rely on the free supply of commercial equipment in style Zippo. Interestingly, the sago is going to send the broken lighters for repair or replacement in the U.S.. However, according to Mr. Goeth, the company gives eternal guarantee on its products.
John Goeth introduced Kommersant correspondent with the analysis of the Russian market, commissioned by Zippo. In the analysis it was found that the potential buyers Zippo are people with high or very high income. Highly paid professionals working in the enterprises of the private sector, and government officials in positions of responsibility, can buy a less expensive model Zippo, and the cheapest lighters will become members of a new "middle" class. By the way, the survey showed that while Zippo lighters are known for only 2% of respondents. Popular brands such as Cricket, Ronson and Bic, previously published in the Russian market, above. However, these lighters, except Ronson, are not direct competitors Zippo.

Zippo phone in Moscow: (095) 362-88-40.
SERGEI b horn, Vladimir Z-Maluk

"Kommersant", number 213 of 11/05/93

The new strategy of distributors Zippo
In 1994, by Zippo in Russia will get a light three times more often

The first year of promotion to the Russian market products manufacturer prestigious petrol lighter Zippo Manufacturing Co indicates the possibility of a significant expansion of the business. The company, together with its exclusive distributor in the CIS countries, the firm "Stans", intends to change in 1994, sales and pricing. The new strategy provides a flexible work in the regions, which will open up the mission "Stans". As a result, expect to Zippo and "Stance", Zippo lighters sales increase of at least three times. This was announced during yesterday's briefing dedicated to the new Moscow office Zippo.

The briefing participants noted that the high demand for Zippo and rapid growth in the number of regional dealers in the past year were for the "Stans" a revelation. Unpreparedness of the company for such a turn often led to delays in the supply of goods from the U.S. and it is not in stock. What can you do: standard batch bought up by wholesalers in 3-5 days. THE EXPERTS 'Stans' analysis showed that in the past year in addition to 18 thousand lighters sold the company could realize another 3-6 thousand units sold.
As for the dealers, in their first year with the firm "Stans" greatest demand simple and relatively inexpensive models Zippo. According to experts Kommersant dealer managers for trade in products Zippo brand has always been a very lucrative business. Another would be: so far, "Stans" offers its dealers a discount of 20% of the basic wholesale price. Not only that, with the constant growth of Russian import taxes' prices "Stans" remained unchanged. For example, the wholesale price of the most popular model # 200 is now, as a year ago, $ 13. Managers "Stans" sure: in 1994, even with a small trade margin trading partners "Stans" can count on a significant profit from the growth in sales. As an illustration of the briefing was called a number of companies, dealers, who, trading goods from Zippo, for the year lifted sales by 3-10 times.
The "Stans" in 1994 based on the assumption that the high demand for Zippo continue. To not empty warehouses, shipments from the U.S. will become regular. In general, "Stans" plans in 1994 to increase sales by at least 3 times. The new regional program "Stans" provides for the opening of its own offices in St. Petersburg and Kiev. Begin work as branches "Stans" in Central Asia, the Urals and the Far East. Until now, these regions were to representatives Zippo nepahannoy virgin. Kind of nod to the potential sales partners offer looks "Stans" take back goods if the 2 months they fail to realize more than 30% of its volume.

Phone new Moscow office Zippo: ((095) 918-00-03).

Sergey Z horn, Vladimir Z-Maluk

"Kommersant", number 81 of 05/05/94

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But one of the first Russian enterprise Zippo 1994 (from the collection of "Korolus" ):

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