Drum Streamliter from Trenton, New Jersey

Funny striped Streamliter dark steel color and with a funny windscreen - as if it missed to the right number of holes:

In contrast to the first Strimlaytera of Bristol , this native of Trenton, New Jersey, although the same manufacturer - The Drum Company:

Two together:

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  1. botas (26.10.2009 01:31) ( Reply )

    Interestingly - at Bristol Streamline wheel with more modern, oblique, notches, while trentonovskogo - straight. We can assume that Streamline from Trenton - older. And again, it appears that Drum Streamliter produced in two different two states, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, even adjacent. It seems like no other Benzinka one brand (Park, Berkeley, Zephyr, ...) in two different states are not made.

  2. Enczo (26.10.2009 14:39) ( Reply )

    Interesting ekzemplyarchiki, only holes funny - in one case, they are few, in another lot and made them as a bud hand drill :-)

  3. Hartman (27.10.2009 18:50) ( Reply to )

    And then there is the Mexican Streamliter

  4. botas (29.10.2009 01:07) ( Reply )

    Pro wheels: very much on zippovskie similar. And whether they like to zippovskih, radial incisions on one side of the wheel? Esdi suddenly have can buy AMD's wheels Zippo?

  5. Hartman (19.05.2010 18:28) ( Reply )

    Different way, and packaging - if the "Bristol" option was packed in a box of two halves, with cover blue and gold inscription Streamliter then "trentonovsky" packed in cardboard box banal, almost Soviet-type, with the usual black lettering? modestly so: The All-America Sure-Fire Windproof Cigarette Lighter. Best for service men and sportsmen. Beautifulli streamlined for any occasions.

  6. Hartman (16.06.2010 20:58) ( Reply )

    Curiouser and curiouser.
    Recently received Streamliter "Bristol", but with a "three-holed" windscreen, as in "trentonovskogo" normal chroming Streamliter krayslerovskoy with advertising ...

  7. Vita (06.07.2010 12:36) ( Reply )

    The site is super! Thanks for it! I like this fotos so much!

  8. botas (28.09.2010 14:21) ( Reply )

    Shabby these days Strimlayter of Bristol, has a lot of holes in the windshield and the inscription bottom corner. Holds the wind, comfortable in the hand, despite the smooth hull shapes: straight lateral side comfortably rests on the finger. Made Strimlayter not particularly neat - Windscreen roughly stamped, the spring housing looks sloppy. Despite this lighter has worked with about 10 arson on one tank 8 days! Zippo fuel held six days maximum.

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