Lighters Ronson Windlite and Ronson Typhoon

This article I am entirely devoted to, as promised in the first part of Ronsonovskoy stories , one of the most beautiful flip tops (lighter with flap) - Model Ronson Windlite and Ronson Typhoon.

Windlite model was launched in 1955 and marketed as a windproof lighter (note that in contrast to the Zippo, which was announced at the outset windproof, Ronson previously released only Whirlwind model with a rising wind protection).

On one of the posters Ronson Windlite was lit on the hood of a speeding race car!

Typical representatives of the mid-1950s, with the image of sports events such as the fisherman, patterns in art deco style, or just plain:

There was no Windlite inserts, bottom hull lap with a rubber gasket, and in the middle was a set screw, which can be unscrewed and thus gain access to the inside. Apparently, the new lighter bottom by loosening the screw was simply rotated 90 degrees, but with age in all the bottom is removed entirely (which, incidentally, does not affect the tightness - no fuel leak is not!). Pay attention to the corporate fat ronsonovsky wick:

I have found differences in the very first models Windlite and those produced later. First, different wheel mount (left - later rivet, right - the first cog):

Also, the first models Windlite wheel notches were tilted to one side (left), and all later - to another:

On the cover of four notches from the first model later replaced vertical inscription "Ronson":

When you hold Windlite in hand, he seems to touch more than a Zippo - but it seems only because of its greater weight. In height he was almost the same, except that a few more "tubby":

In 1961, Ronson released a new model, known as Typhoon. On Windlite 1950 it was not as, and above all constructive: Typhoon was made of a very light aluminum alloy (a fashionable spirit of the times), and in his hand was already lying is not as thoroughly as his older brother.

Ronson Typhoon model was patented in 1960:

Typhoon advertised as "the cheapest Ronson in history", as well as light Lighter - "34% lighter than its predecessor":

At its $ 2.95 and a 34% discount, he, in fact, looks like:

At the bottom there was a recognizable stamp:

Typhoon design has been more traditional, with insert. When I examine one inside instead of wool I found strange about five feet of string, which should keep domestic gasoline. Hard to say why they chose such a filler. It is present in all the "Typhoon":

Lightweight aluminum alloy did not go to the benefit of this model. If new it looked elegant, after pulling in your pocket quickly scratched and lost its appeal. But she used to be popular enough, because it was very cheap, in production and in retail. Here, for example, unusual and rare copy of "Vietnamese" Ronson with homemade engraved mid-1960s:

Form windbreaks have Typhoon and Windlite very characteristic reflects the general trend of industrial forms of those years. Look at how similar their windproof small screen, such as car radiators different eras - left 1960, right 1950:

Typhoon model produced much longer than its predecessor Windlite - until about 1980. Occasionally there are "Typhoon" with advertising logos engraved or overlaid.

Further - history. Elegant aristocrat Windlite never wanted to compete folksy Zippo, and Typhoon eventually "came to nothing", he could not stand all zippovskoy growing popularity.

But ... we remember them! :)

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  1. botas (27.10.2009 01:38) ( Reply )

    Vladimir, well, what to say ... Thank you again for this historical investigation! Another lighter born again, being withdrawn by you to the light of the forgotten. While reading an article on the history of various benzinok, I catch myself thinking, as if every time I read the magazine "Science and Technology", in each new issue which was a new, previously unknown information.
    Got a question Vindlaytu: he was still in the building some type of wool filler? With Typhoon is clear - twisted twine. And is not this a string and a wick for Typhoon?
    Also interesting is the screw holding the wheel Vindlayta: he fixed the wheel is fixed or else allow the scroll wheel to adjust the effort?
    Still at Vidlayta and cover, it turns out, was shot ... Like the rifle, which can be taken apart :)
    Thanks again for the review! Keep it up!

    1. kypexin (one forty-five 27/10/2009) ( Reply )

      You are welcome :)
      In Vindlayte within normal cotton wool, it is true in one big: that I hooked up with tweezers and pulled out entirely as much cotton sausage! I really did not take it off :)
      Screw the wheel is just screw it to force the wheel has no effect.

  2. botas (27.10.2009 02:02) ( Reply )

    Now everything is clear :)
    Rental not give hold signified a miracle? ;)

  3. Hartman (08.03.2010 13:53) ( Reply )

    Received his Windlite recently. Zazhigalkodizayna masterpiece, however. Lighter of the old, with a wheel on the screw and serrated "early-type", but that says Ronson on the cover.
    This is clearly a long lighter and fun to use - it was filthy inside to completely smoked form, the lid opens with the same sound, which opens the door rusty Lada.
    However, it seems that the lighter you can make out the ground, remove the screw and remove the wheel hollow bolt that holds the spring cover and a channel for the wick.
    Insert was presented in the form of two pieces of pink wool. I think this is the work of the owner.
    After cleaning and lubrication (though it would be funny poskripet lid on people ...) went lighter in his pocket for a test drive.
    Popoplzovalsya - one of the differences from Zippo - somewhat unusual cover. However, the excellent wind protection - if the flame could get up in the wind can get a light in one hand, a sly form windbreaks can not blow out a fire. Cover is such a monumental metallic thud as the tank hatch or gate guns.
    Lighter virtually neubivaemaya. Break it - it's not a question of one year and nimalyh effort. Peel it - also have to try very hard coating. I'll see how long it would last petrol.

  4. kaprel (28.06.2011 21:41) ( Reply )

    Give good people! How to replace the wick in Ronson Cadet?

    1. kypexin (28.06.2011 22:10) ( Reply )

      what's the problem? change in the same way as in any lighter - Remove all cotton, stretch the new wick, put new cotton back.

  5. Alex (14/09/2011 23:06) ( Reply )

    There are lighter for sale, similar to only silver. Why do not light up. Anyone interested please contact us on the soap

    1. kypexin (16.09.2011 08:16) ( Reply )

      Post on the forum section of the sale, and do not forget the picture.

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