The most expensive Zippo: 1933, sold for $ 11,758.98

* Hold your breath * WOW!! at the moment this is a record price for the Zippo lighter on Ebay! It is completely original, the earliest instance of Zippo 1933, the height of 2 7/16 inch (6.19 cm), which tells us about the time of release: the first half of 1933. The unique thing. Lighter once traveled to repair and it was replaced by the wheel and re-soldered loop, but otherwise everything is original. Actually, the same famous Zippo (in slightly better condition) was once bought for $ 18,000. Envy this acquisition - such unique instances appear on the market every few years. The starting price was only lighters $ 9.99, 46 bets and voila! As they say, demand creates supply :)
Sale price: $ 11,758.98

And here is a copy of a page with Ebay and the full story of this unique betting Lot:

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  1. solobok (08.04.2009 02:25) ( Reply )

    Held his breath. And then pre-Olgo exhaled ... I think even feel what it is in his hand ... These things, in principle, there are any money, only that they are, the money ...

  2. Golden-Joker (06.05.2009 01:01) ( Reply )

    ehhh, it is certainly lucky owner, and the man who fotkal it all :)

  3. botas (06.05.2009 04:38) ( Reply )

    It is a pity that the photograph does not normally able to: filmed the "broad" angle (except for the bottom-up) - because the lighter appearance in the photo trapezoidal, means it is not. IMHO, the host, With such Zippy could norialnuyu photo session to order.

    1. kypexin (06.05.2009 11:11) ( Reply )

      Well, it is not the owner of photographs, and the seller - two very different pictures :) For the description of the lot on Ebay as a very decent, everything is clear and visible detail. In any case, the goal is reached seller - willing to sell and sold for a great price :)

  4. [...] Used the condition, it went for $ 11,758.98 (I wrote about it on the site). Although, of course, such prices are more the exception, but [...]

  5. Serg (17/11/2009 twenty-four past ten p.m.) ( Reply )

    Cool thing

  6. Borulya (30/11/2009 15:52) ( Reply )

    Not so much cool as unique. I do not think that a lot of these found in the world.

  7. Konstantin (01.12.2009 1:33 p.m.) ( Reply )

    Are few. Not everyone knows about the auction, and not all want to sell right now.

  8. Aryusha (12.02.2009 16:44) ( Reply )

    Withhold such things profitable. Then, even more can be earned.

  9. Katyulya (12/03/2009 11:28) ( Reply )

    So it is true, but if the money is needed ...

  10. Antonin (19/12/2009 seven past five p.m.) ( Reply )

    It is difficult to understand these collectors ...

  11. Peter (27.05.2010 17:49) ( Reply )

    I think the wheel or unoriginal? Notches are not horizontal, but krisskrosom.

    1. kypexin (27.05.2010 17:50) ( Reply )

      Wheel Yes, I probably later.

  12. Alehandro (08.08.2010 19:44) ( Reply )

    Yes, since my childhood I love Zippo, although right now, do not smoke, but there are another Zippo Lighter)) Brand vsetaki

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