Zippo Town and Country, a pond with water lilies, 1948, $ 1,700.00

Beautiful and very rare thing - a prototype model Town and Country, released before the series production begins in 1949. Simple and cute risunochek with flowers and dragonflies. Intact. Price is impressive :)
Sale price: $ 1,700.00

PS Now disco a little bit about how much influence the case and good luck on the final price of the collector's items. That's exactly the same copy of the collection of Robert Moon. The only difference is that he borrowed his Zippo slightly and has the pocket carry. Paint a picture on it has remained almost completely. He bought it as part of Lot 4 different old Zippo just ... $ 50.00!
La-la-la! :)))

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Tags: 1948 , lily Pond , Town and Country


  1. Golden-Joker (07.11.2009 13:58) ( Reply )

    Hmm ... The difference in the face o_O

  2. blinowww (07.11.2009 15:51) ( Reply )

    I do not understand such a price .... simple pattern like ....

    1. kypexin (07/11/2009 fifty-seven past three p.m.) ( Reply )

      Drawing a simple ... but the lighter very rare :)

  3. Golden-Joker (07.11.2009 17:19) ( Reply )

    would know that the one that went in the pile for 50 bucks would buy :)))) then would have sold for much money are huge.

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