Austrian lighters Champ

In the 1950s and 1960s of the 20th century Austrian Champ produced some interesting and unusual lighters, form-factor they were regular "flip-tops" with a hinged lid, and here but inside they have been hiding a little surprise.

All the "Champa" had hinged windscreen! This was done for the convenience of lighting a pipe. Thus, one lighter with equal success, and fit for normal smokers, and for fans of the tubes.

In addition, lighters Champ marked by diversity of the case, (they were all in leather or imitation leather) and forms the windshield - there are three models (one narrow), and all three windscreen otlichetsya downright dramatically.

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  1. yuri (08.11.2009 22:52) ( Reply )

    wondering why the company stopped production?

    1. kypexin (08/11/2009 10:56 p.m.) ( Reply )

      I do not know :) There are hundreds of companies that have produced lighter (and many of them have done absolutely wonderful, reliable and original stuff), but have lived up to one unit. All the rest were dead or somehow get out of this business for many reasons, mostly either competition with Zippo, or simply unprofitable production. Surviving giants, small companies do not survive. And now there has been swallowed even Ronson Zippo.

  2. yuri (09.11.2009 20:07) ( Reply )

    so sorry for that little lighter gasoline now on sale

  3. Yuri (10.11.2009 12:49) ( Reply )

    During World War II produced similar lighters, but aluminum they were equipped army of Germany, were made, presumably to diversantov.Otkidnaya windscreen useful not only for lighting, but rather to change the wick.

    1. kypexin (10.11.2009 1:35 p.m.) ( Reply )

      Yes, to change the wick is too convenient, though usually they change the wick is not needed often, but on the contrary, wicks usually lasts for years.
      What were the lighter "for spies," do not know?

  4. Yuri (12.11.2009 19:38) ( Reply )

    These lighters were unmarked, I think for obvious reasons, on the body of the abstract, like the bands and engraving treugolnikov.Naschet manufacturer - do not know can KW, can Zunder.

  5. botas (13.11.2009 00:37) ( Reply )

    Champ generally solidly made: the roof is almost no backlash (in that with knight's helmet), the insert - a metal cap with an oval hole, covering the Vatu (about the same in avstriyskooy Noblesse described Vladimir above). Cap screw, screw the flint. And the wheel more and thicker than Zippo.

  6. Innocent (03.04.2011 13:42) ( Reply )

    Well over solidly made - do not know, I have a lighter champ buta-flayme '55 '(I'm not too versed in this, but in the case says japan) - so it has one drawback - it has the exhaust valve is closed by a cover rubber seal that prevents gas to escape when the lighter is closed, but the gum so worn out by the time that the valve is not closed germetchno that neither tried to do - it does not work ..

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