Lighter Ingersoll Deluxe

Mysterious product branded Ingersoll Deluxe. A quick search shows that under the same brand in the years 1930-1940 in the U.S. produced watches with Mickey Mouse. More about Ingersoll know nothing :)

Lighter itself is very heavy for its size - it is suspected that the body is made of an alloy with the addition of lead (as evidenced and bluish-gray color of the metal, where worn). Wheel with straight incisions typical of the 1940s. The lighter has a classic cover gray crackle - "baked" paint. All in all - a very strong and do the thing thoroughly. Note the prominent wall thickness.

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  1. botas (25.11.2009 21:40) ( Reply )

    A wonderful copy! Not only is the gray krekl rare in nature as such (whether Zippo, Park or Berkeley), so Ingersoll also solid body, without inserts than in a flip-topam of the Second World war. Rarity, for sure. With a good acquisition, Comrade. kyrexin! :)

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