News of the project and new projects :)

In early December, the site marks exactly one year. This is a wonderful milestone to which the project comes on the rise :) Here, without false modesty, the list of achievements, which the site boasts over the past year:

  • scored big audience regular readers and forum members and has become the largest, reputable and popular russian website is not only about Zippo, but also about the lighters in general.
  • On today comes every day more than 300 unique visitors, with daily page views on the site reaches 10,000 or more.
  • Locations of visitors - it is not only the whole of Russia, but also visitors from Canada to Japan and Australia.
  • - more than 500 articles and about 3,000 photos of Zippo and other lighters.
  • updated daily throughout the year.
  • - is the most complete and the most comprehensive information about the Zippo in Russian.
  • Articles and materials dispersed across dozens of sites and forums on the internet, and even the official website reprint our news :)

Many thanks to all who stay with us, because the main value of the project - is its visitors :)

And now about the plans. I would like to change the concept a little bit of this site, as you all probably already a little bored :)))) and I have become rather difficult and time-consuming to monitor the site daily - not corny enough time for it. So I will update the site at least 2-3 times a week, but I will try to do something more meaningful and solid articles.

And now the most important thing. Our project came a little boy :) Given that the last time I really became interested in the collection and study of different brands of lighters, a new project, you guessed it, will be dedicated to them :) Welcome - Encyclopedia lighters !

The new site in any case will not concurrency or replacing it - it is more likely to complement, where I will collect information on a variety of lighters in, say, a reference and encyclopedic manner. Stories about lighters, creation of words and communication are those of the Materials sites will overlap a little, so now go on line for both sites :) On also have a forum - it is the right place to discuss any other lighter than Zippo :)

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  1. Sviatoslav (30.11.2009 10:25) ( Reply )

    But, on the new site in the RCC pictures do not get, or something I did neprvilno? (I use Google Reader)

    1. kypexin (30/11/2009 11:13) ( Reply )

      I'll check the settings - everything is standard, that is a default picture to get there. And other feeds normally displayed with pictures?

      1. Sviatoslav (30.11.2009 11:19) ( Reply )

        It seems to understand. In picture is, and in (which is linked by the orange button in the header) is not.

        1. kypexin (eleven twenty-two 30/11/2009) ( Reply )

          Agaaaa ... so there :) Thanks, then just change the link to the buttons to avoid neponyatok :)

        2. kypexin (eleven thirty-three 30/11/2009) ( Reply )

          Oh, right, RSS, RSS2 is as different feeds :) And there is a default reference to the first standing.

  2. blinowww (30.11.2009 13:31) ( Reply )

    Ur our Zippokollektoru! especially our manager Vladimir! keep it up! success in the development of
    Site (s) and adding to the collection!!
    ZY The exact date of birth is or can already congratulate?))))

    1. kypexin (30/11/2009 forty-three past one p.m.) ( Reply )

      The domain is registered December 3, 2008, the first article on the site appeared Dec. 5, 2008 :) But congratulations, you can now :)

      1. blinowww (30.11.2009 16:17) ( Reply )

        Well, I cordially congratulate Happy Birthday! I wish more visitors, and its owner a little more strength and positive emotions of his child!! all the best!

  3. ED (04/12/2009 1:37) ( Reply )

    Congratulations on your accomplishment and good luck with your newest endeavor. The energy and effort you have spent on developing an attractive and compelling Zippo enthusiast website is fantastic and is a great resource for collectors and people who want to learn more about Zippo lighters and collecting them.

  4. Kiryaha (16.12.2009 forty-two past eleven p.m.) ( Reply )

    Congratulations on the holiday!

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