Advertising plated Zippo in 1955, $ 549.00

This gold-plated Zippo advertising is quite a unique instance, and here's why. As a rule, the lighter the years with advertising is a corporate gifts, and more often than not sold, and were given. Imagine how well things were going at the company when it ordered a batch of gold-plated Zippo in luxury gift boxes - even if such an order was worth quite expensive. Amazing and beautiful thing!
Sale price: $ 549.00

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  1. Ltd (23.03.2010 21:44) ( Reply )

    It is simply unique! Owner lucky - at that age, in that state, but still essentially limited edition ... No such finding in my opinion should be evaluated in more than $ 550, definitely. Even with Zippo 1953 Kelvinator is not as good as it is, though, and a more than 2-fold. Well, again, it is in my subjective opinion)

  2. Ltd (23.03.2010 22:45) ( Reply )

    By the way, this is exactly the model of the 55th century? In dating, I did not find a stamp with the inscription oblique zippo without dashes and dots, but here this type of stamp is and he points to the 65th century, the true he model slim - for Regular not found, although by analogy should be as well. Now, waiting for help from the experts =)

    1. kypexin (23.03.2010 22:50) ( Reply )

      Stamps silver (sterling), gilded (gold filled) and gold lighters not follow the rules :)

  3. Ltd (23.03.2010 22:53) ( Reply )

    heh) and then determine how these patterns of release? ) + -10 Years? ))

    1. kypexin (23.03.2010 22:55) ( Reply )

      Well, in our experience and on various circumstantial evidence. Well, yes, you're right, up to a year sometimes not defined, so give or take :)

  4. Ltd (23.03.2010 22:56) ( Reply )

    well clear) thanks again for another consultation)

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