Zippo salesman 'DISZFAFT', 1965, $ 768.00

This is a very famous and very rare Zippo 1965. These were among sales agents who sold the lighters and accessories Zippo. 'DISZFAFT' stands for 'Did I sell Zippo flints and fluid today?' - 'I sold it today petrol and flint Zippo?'. To salesmen often thought of this, at the very lighter engraved only the acronym. Fully insert the phrase engraved on :)
Sale price: $ 768.00

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  1. yours_truly (05.03.2010 00:00) ( Reply )

    aaa ... a small nakladochka left - in the text of the description, probably meant not fluid, and fuel, no?

    1. kypexin (05.03.2010 08:17) ( Reply )

      your truth, eyed :)

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