C Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friends! 2009 is coming to an end, and ZippoCollector.ru wishes all readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! This year has brought together all nac on this site, many have found like-minded people here and became friends with a common passion - collecting Zippo. I hope that next year we will continue to communicate with any member of the forum and readers of the site will get here all the answers about the Zippo.

ZippoCollector.ru together with "Korolus" , which is the official distributor of the Zippo Manufacturing Company in Russia, gives Christmas presents three of the most active participants of the forum http://zippocollector.ru/forum . Select them was easy. At the bottom right of the page there is a list online the most prolific authors on the forum. Here they are:

  • Palladium-Joker
  • yours_truly
  • long_boy

These participants will receive a gift: Zippo lighter with the logo Zippo Club Russia, issued specially for Russia edition of only 100 copies. This is a unique collectible lighter, which no longer exists, no one in the world :)

Prize winners! :) In order to receive your gift, please contact me by mail: vm@zippocollector.ru .

We will hold contests and give gifts to the most active participants and readers of the site and in the next year! Actively participate in the forum, share your knowledge with users coming back and crank their interesting discussion, and you are sure to get your prize :)

We wish you all a good holiday, good rest, good health and success!

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  1. blinowww (25.12.2009 14:36) ( Reply )

    Wow! Congratulations to our colleagues!))))

  2. yours_truly (25.12.2009 15:06) ( Reply )

    Thank you!)

  3. Golden-Joker (25.12.2009 20:36) ( Reply )

    Very unexpected and incredibly nice to get a gift from that site, from people, from the people who are joined by one interest. Of all Russian boundless soul congratulate and thank Vladimir, the creator of this unique site which united all of us amateurs and professionals in our little crazy hobby. Congratulations is all a Happy New Year guests and participants of this forum, I wish you good luck, joy and most importantly, I wish you good health, health-will be all.

  4. long_boy (one twenty-nine 12/27/2009) ( Reply )

    Damn guys thanks a lot!

  5. yours_truly (27.12.2009 15:59) ( Reply )

    Long_Boy! Congratulations long time since you can not see!)))

    1. long_boy (12/27/2009 twenty-nine past nine p.m.) ( Reply )

      Thank you and congratulations to you as well, I think after the NG will see more of on the site =)

  6. XxX25PainKiller (27.12.2009 20:29) ( Reply )

    That's the thing!
    Happy New Year!

  7. abc (27.12.2009 22:29) ( Reply )

    Congratulations to the winners!
    And to all a Happy NY!!

  8. yours_truly (28.12.2009 18:26) ( Reply )

    Thanks for the congratulations!))

  9. botas (29.12.2009 02:14) ( Reply )

    I join in the congratulations! :)

  10. PifPaf (29.12.2009 15:50) ( Reply )

    Cool lighters!
    All Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!
    Happiness in his personal life, health, good luck!

  11. yours_truly (29.12.2009 15:54) ( Reply )

    Botas, PifPaf
    Thank you guys! And you Happy!

  12. oniks1 (31.12.2009 13:27) ( Reply )

    I join in the congratulations! Happy New Year 2010! ))) Special congratulations happy owners EXCLUSIVE lighters! Keep it up! ))))

  13. oniks1 (31.12.2009 13:45) ( Reply )

    And let me also join the distribution of gifts ...)))) I hope the creators of the site and the sponsors will not mind, but another is the same lighter Zippo Club Russia, go to our mutual friend and colleague botas! All of his posts, photos, comments, make us, each time a little more educated in knowledge of the lighters, and not only for them! ))) Jura, congratulations! ))) And thank you to you! )))) Happy New Year!

  14. botas (01.01.2010 20:06) ( Reply )

    Oops, Santa really is ;)
    Sergey, thank you for your kind words. Flattered and confused :)
    All a Happy New Year 2010, the!

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