On cleaning lighters

It often happens that the old lighters into the hands of a completely unsanitary, with a thick layer of soot and dirt. In this case it is very helps ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. His work is based on the fact that the special motor attached to the tray with water, creates a vibration with a frequency of tens of thousands per second (nominal frequency of most conventional cleaners - 42.000 Hz). Due to these fluctuations in the water formed millions of tiny bubbles are not visible to the eye, they carry away dirt from any hard to reach places. In this cleaner can clean all you want (and tochnoo, everything that is not afraid of the water.) In combination with a few drops of detergent results will be more than great.

Important: Do not confuse the real ultrasonic jewelry cleaner (ultrasonic cleaner) with cheap imitations that are not ultrasound (they are usually fairly marked on the package as a Sonic cleaner). "Sonic cleaner" is on Ebay 5-7 dollars (and in Russia 600-1000 rubles), but in fact it is a cheap toy and wait for the results of it not worth it. Vibrations generated by its engine is too small, and the water formed just big bubbles. Of course, a little something to clean it, but ... only slightly. Real jewelry cleaner is in foreign stores and Ebay from $ 40-50 and up. On the box it must be written "Ultrasonic cleaner".

My device looks like this:

That's what state fell into my hands recently one Zippo:

Of course, you can just wash the brush, but I assure you: this will have long-term snuff scrape a long time. Therefore, we put all this dirt in cleaner, pour warm water and add a few drops of mild cleansers, such as, Fairy. Instead of chemistry can also add a few spoonfuls of vinegar.

Here we go! Water almost every minute becoming dirtier and see how shit streams flow from all the cracks:

I've done a few three-minute cycles cleaner, then rinsed with warm water for a lighter and slightly paced brush - to remove the most stubborn pieces violently deposits that have not gone after the ultrasonic water treatment.

Next - drying and assembly. Voila! Everything sparkles, almost like new!

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  1. yours_truly (01.02.2010 01:44) ( Reply )

    Thank you very much for the wonderful instructions on cleaning the old Zippo! I think many, this procedure will definitely help!

  2. Yuri (01.02.2010 11:26) ( Reply )

    impression that her shit throughout her life ... so they were able to ...

  3. Qik (02.01.2010 3:14 p.m.) ( Reply )

    I act in the old, cotton buds / swabs, ammonia / gasoline / alcohol, a rag. Generally favor Dremel with a steel brush or plaskovoy. All the shit flies at times.

  4. XxX25PainKiller (02.02.2010 06:28) ( Reply )

    From the results, I just shocked. Thanks for the instructions, an interesting thing.

  5. slay (13.02.2010 20:09) ( Reply )

    purposely do not slap, I'm shocked ... I guess o_O last owner did not know that it can be cleaned ...

  6. slay (13.02.2010 20:11) ( Reply )

    a cool thing, but it was too expensive =) For the sake of one or more of the lighter I did not have to take, but for collectors who deal with pollution that's the most it =)

  7. PUM (02.12.2012 06:48) ( Reply )

    Is zippo brass rivets used flint wheel seems to me it is a fake!

    1. kypexin (02.12.2012 12:29) ( Reply )

      this is not fake

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