Rare insert Zippo: «solid fuel cell»

C 1968 to 1972 had some lighter experimental modified inserts in which as a fuel "elements" were not cotton balls, filled the insert, and the parts of the one-piece molded fiber inserts on the inner shape inserts - so-called «Solid fuel cell». Its use was experimental step was intended to reduce the build time lighters at the factory, but fast enough to have refused such an innovation: unlike cotton balls, when the fuse ran freely between them, using solid fuel cell completely twist the wick at the top of the lighter and the This infused gasoline vapors are much worse.

This insert is quite rare and is mentioned, for example, on the website English collector , as well as online dateyourzippo.com .

I have in my collection is a lighter one with an insert, and the lighter itself is dated 1959 year, and this suggests that it was replaced with an insert (or renovated) in the early 1970s:

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  1. Bers (20.01.2009 11:29) ( Reply )

    But I wonder where you can find in stores in the form of paste, do not even know what to call it that, whether cans for gasoline? If I remember correctly do their Japanese

    1. kypexin (20.01.2009 11:39) ( Reply )

      And how does it look? Can show? If this is some kind of customized Japanese Zippo, but in Russia it is not for sale, unfortunately. There are still a series of Zippo on a historical theme, there is a lighter just showing cans of gasoline from different eras.
      In any case, I would like to see exactly what you mean :)

  2. Bers (20.01.2009 12:48) ( Reply )

    Here are found the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lUaXC3kzj4M&feature=channel

  3. Bers (20.01.2009 12:48) ( Reply )

    A is called the Diamond Brand Lighter (Zippo) Fuel Tank

    1. kypexin (20.01.2009 16:44) ( Reply )

      You know, never seen anything like it - it seems that this is a purely Japanese invention :)

  4. Peter (10.01.2011 16:14) ( Reply )

    And insert something no less than the second half of the 63rd :) Et judging by the rivet.

  5. blinowww (10.01.2011 23:10) ( Reply )

    mnu way with one Zippo insert.

  6. Peter (10.01.2011 23:59) ( Reply )


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